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    playing guitar,Riding on my 230 with my friends, hunting, ThumperTalk, snowmobiling.

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  1. Crf230 Rider

    wow its sickkkkk

    That poor bike...lol -Matt
  2. Crf230 Rider

    countershaft cover paint

    I painted mine, but used regular primer and regular black paint. Kept cracking on me? Maybe plastic paint works better. Make sure you wet sand it before you paint it. It'll come out a lot smoother. Hate to admitt it, but the crackling effect that was created kinda looked cool. I'm keeping it as is. -Matt
  3. Crf230 Rider

    Totaled 2007 DRZ 400S - New Owner CRF 230F

    Do a search and you'll find what you need. -Matt
  4. Crf230 Rider

    uni air filter

    Aren't those style filters paper? -Matt
  5. Crf230 Rider

    The 230 got a new friend today...

    Yeah nice bike man. I'm still in obssesion mode myself over a V65 Magna. That is my dream bike. I found another one I'll be looking at in the near future. I got to ride one two weekends ago. Amazing ride, fell in love with it. Sadly, the bike ran like shit and he wanted far too much. I'm used to riding small street bikes, this 1100 V4 will foresure do the trick. So you take her fast yet? I remember last year I had a hell of a wind behind me and I couldn't resist but she whats she got. Clear open highway, I brought that old 1981 Cm400T to just over 100 mph. I had no speed wobble, however the front tire was bouncing like crazy off the highway. I swear I could have pulled a wheelie at that speed. I'm curious to what that would have done to my speedo reading... Oh and for the people who continue to post how people get killed on these bikes everyday, big ****! My uncle died not long ago while curling(winter sport). All you have to do is fall the right way. Almost %100 of the time it was either alcohol involved or the accident was completly out of the bikers control, meaning even if you were riding a 230L you would have still been dead. We understand bikes are dangerous, please don't preach it here. People just assume that cause we've got bikes capable of 140+ mph that were gonna drive them like complete ********. Nice bike man, I can't wait to get mine. -Matt
  6. Crf230 Rider

    ordered some new bars today

    Same the CR highs weren't high enough for me. I went to the Mini High bend. Much better than the CR highs, however I do like riding with Ape Hangers! lol
  7. Crf230 Rider

    Engine Oil Centrifugal Filter on 230

    Not quite, the V65 Magna. -Matt
  8. Crf230 Rider

    Engine Oil Centrifugal Filter on 230

    It's on it's way back to Canada already so my project will be completed shortly. I might be getting a street bike pretty soon here so sadly the CRF is gonna feel pretty mild even with this cam and piston mod. More than likely within a couple weeks I'll be riding the motorcycle which held the fastest production model bike in the Guiness book of world records from 1985-1989. How does 116 hp sound? 1/4 mile in 10.84 seconds. Buddy1901, I might just have to take a road trip down to california and we'll hit the street with our soon to be bikes. -Matt
  9. Seems like 10cc just wouldn't be worth the bother. If it were a true 240cc kit, then I could see lots of people getting them. Technically all this kit does is make your 230F into a true 230(233cc). -Matt
  10. Crf230 Rider

    draining oil on 150.

    I stand corrected:prof: -Matt
  11. Crf230 Rider

    draining oil on 150.

    I couldn't find a Service manual on Ebay for the Gen II 150F. Goodluck finding a cheap one for your 08'. All you can find is the 03-05 150F's. -Matt
  12. Crf230 Rider

    Cam sprocket before head removal necessary?

    Well, you sound as if you know exactly what your doing. Hopefully my top end assembly goes as smoothly. I'm expecting in the week after to have mine up and running strong. Should only take a few hours to have the bike back in the frame and ready for start up. When I get my head back from california, she'll be ready to "drop in." That'll definetly help out. -Matt
  13. Crf230 Rider

    Engine Oil Centrifugal Filter on 230

    Last year my bike was running rough already. It wasn't the first time I had the motor pulled apart either. More than likely all it needed was a carb cleaning, but it didn't seem to want to rev out properly, it would stall after riding wide open and then letting off with the clutch pulled in, overall power was just not there. I could bet it was prob just the carb. This spring, I did a carb clean but didn't get to try it out due to snow. So I figured I'm making a lot cash now, so what the heck I'll through a cam in there. Before I knew it, I was doing an entire top end rebuild. I did this for more zing out of the bike. Pretty soon she'll be a cammed out high compression arm puller... I'm hoping! Since these bikes don't have an odometer I wouldn't know what to tell you as for milege. I put on some hard miles on that 230f though. It's an 03 so it's had a lot of use. -Matt
  14. Crf230 Rider

    Got a 2006 honda crf230f today. i have questions

    Plain common sense dictates that you should clean it out everytime. I run with 10W40. -Matt
  15. Crf230 Rider

    Tire Question

    I found the 110's to hook up a lot better. Of course, my 230f hasn't been stock for some time now. Did bog the motor down low, before it would spin crazy. Now it bogs down low a little bit, but picks up and grips. If your having trouble spinning a 110 around a corner on the track, your simply in the wrong gear. I find my 230 will kick a 110 over just fine as long as your high in the revs. In sand, me and my bud do hill climbs. Almost always he'll get stuck going up. His just spins out and sinks. Mine powers up like nothing, just drop a gear and she'll go anywhere. He's running with a 100/100 on a TT-R 230. For in the sand, a 110 will definetly benifit the bike. With the added traction, it is as simple as dropping a gear if your losing to much power. -Matt