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  1. physco Yamaha Rider

    2003 Yzf250 Tranny Problem???

    well if i get a new motor i'll let you know, but i doubt i will. and far as it stands now i'm going to race it and i'll let you no how it works out. i don't have enough time to fix it and i've paid top dollar to get in to this. thanks for all the advice though
  2. physco Yamaha Rider

    2004 Crf 450

    why does that make me crazy
  3. physco Yamaha Rider

    2003 Yzf250 Tranny Problem???

    how much will this cost me roughly, and how long can i ride it like this. I'm leaving to go to an ameture grand nation championship on tuesday. will i be able to race this race on this then get it fixed
  4. physco Yamaha Rider

    2003 Yzf250 Tranny Problem???

    When I go out riding lately I have been finding that when I shift form 2nd to 3rd it will automatically shift back down like a minute later. the same just started happening from 3rd to 4th now. could this have nething to do with my clutch or is the tranny screwed and i need to get it repaired.
  5. physco Yamaha Rider

    2004 Crf 450

    The guard is not broken or cracked, but I will try straightening it. If that doesn't work then I was thinking of putting a rubber strip there to stop all the racket. Thanks for your inputts.
  6. physco Yamaha Rider

    Quads versus bikes?

    Dude I ride both and it all really depends on how you are going to ride the trx450. quads verses dirtbikes they both have there ups and downs but bikes are a better all around pic
  7. physco Yamaha Rider

    2004 Crf 450

    Has anyone had a problem with the 04 CRF 450's lower fork tube guard slapping against the upper fork tube when riding. If you know a solution it would be greatly appriciated since it makes an offal raket and i have just gotten the bike
  8. physco Yamaha Rider

    CRF450 gearbox