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    New frank reins sections?

    Frank Raines has not expanded. It is a very small riding area and the boudaries are very easy to find. It is the riders responsibility to stay within the boundaries at any riding area. There is private property that boarders the riding area on the East side of the park. The person who owns this property is not very happy with Frank Raines users trespassing on to his property and will prosecute trespassers. Due east of that property there is property owned by Los Gatos Motorcycle Club of which I am a member. If trespassers are found on the Los Gatos Motorcycle Club property they will be escorted to Del Puerto Canyon Road where the only choice is to ride back to Frank Raines on the Public Road. Please be respectful to park boundaries and private property. It is our responsibility as dirt bikers to do this if we want to continue having areas like Frank Raines to use. Tim Edwards-Vice President Los Gatos Motorcycle Club