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  1. AKdualsport

    Dear Suzuki...

    Don't they weld these things with a robot? Probably the same robot they bought in '96. Time to upgrade.
  2. AKdualsport

    Center stand advice needed

    Try that Gold Wing or GSXR in downtown NYC, then take to the same streets on your DR. Not a road bike? I agree with you if your DR is a dirt only machine ditch the center stand, hell cut off the side stand as well. Ride your own Ride.
  3. AKdualsport

    Center stand advice needed

    Think outside the box, Rag. It sure makes it easier to pack your bags when the bike sits flat. I Second what Wibby said. Oh yeah, the DR is a road bike and a fine one as well.
  4. AKdualsport

    Center stand advice needed

    Do you know if your stand will work with the dual star skid plates?
  5. AKdualsport

    New DR650se...Any upgrades?

    A corbin seat.
  6. AKdualsport

    Help please !

    I guess you don't ride in AK much? Rocks here make NJ June bugs feel like cotton balls. A good windshield that keeps a rock off your face is worth it's weight in gold.
  7. AKdualsport

    Stored DR

    Should be no problem, Dry NM air has been your friend. You might want to think about fresh gas, otherwise it sounds like you have a handle on it. Have fun!
  8. AKdualsport

    Yeah !!!

    you bet, wood screws in the knobs.
  9. AKdualsport

    '03 dr650

    Are you taking it off to clean out the carbon? That is no problem. here is what the DR repair manuel says; Clean your spark arrestor every 4000 miles. If the muffler is clogged with carbon particles, exhaust resistance will be increased with a resultant decrease in power output. - Remove the drain plug - Start the engine and rev it to blow out the accumulated carbon particles. - Turn off the engine and wait until the muffler cools, then replace the drin plugs and tighten thim securley. I hope this is what your are asking about.
  10. AKdualsport

    Yeah !!!

    I used to be NJ boy, cut my teeth on a '97 DR350 in Morris County. I gave up the crowded streets for glaciers and mountains. Enjoy the new bike!
  11. AKdualsport

    National Ride to Work Day 7/19/06

    Aww come on now, Jan. in AK with wood screws on the knobs.
  12. AKdualsport

    Top Speed

    My '00 went 102, and my '06 is still breaking in. What I love about these is the 60 - 90 in around 4 seconds, It makes passing RV's a breeze. Speaking of..... Why can't those f*#king RV's drive the speed limit? and Why don't they pull over when there are fifty cars behind them? If it is a tourist season why can't we hunt them?
  13. AKdualsport

    National Ride to Work Day 7/19/06

    You all don't ride every day? How strange.
  14. AKdualsport

    Got a New Bike!!! What now!!!

    Get yourself an IMS 4.9 gallon tank (however it may make your bike illegal in some states), and a better seat. Two great things you can do to your bike.
  15. AKdualsport

    DR650 seat - Gel or Corbin?

    I went with a Corbin with the Carbon Fiber looking stuff on my seat. I think it is great, just be careful what you apply to it to keep it like new. I used some armor-all and I was slidding all over the place. Now that it has all worn off I don't have that problem anymore. Great seat.