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  1. madd

    towing utv

    Not street legal. Would be towed behind a pickup with a tow bar to trail head from campsite where toy box is parked.
  2. What kind of precautions do you have to take when towing a utv at slow speeds? For example towing with a pickup from a camp site to a trail head at slow speed on a dirt road a couple of miles away.
  3. madd

    dynaring or rekluse trail?

    I have it in my 2006 250X. It uses differrent friction plates that Revlok has developed.
  4. madd

    dynaring or rekluse trail?

    I have a Revlok Dynaring in my 2006 CRF250X. Alan did a lot of revisions to make it work. Weather has finished my riding for the season, but the latest revision seems to have solved all the issues that we had on the 250x.
  5. madd

    250x lowering

    Do to some physical problems and old age I need to lower my 250x some more. I already have a lowering link and have dropped the forks. I prefer not to rework the fork and shock. I have read somewhere on this forum that it is possible to redrill the shock to lower the bike a little. Has anyone tried this in addition to the lowering link and would this make the bike handle poorly?
  6. madd

    250x seat

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make a 250r seat fit a 250x?
  7. madd

    Ignition Mod

    I am not sure that the information that I got from a friend about the 250x ignition is valid info. Maybe some one can help me out on this. I was told that when starting the 250x while in gear will result in a weaker spark while starting. He also said that there is a wiring mod that will result in full voltage while starting in or out of gear. Does anyone have any info on this or is this bogus?
  8. I have a miss just as the bike comes off the pilot circuit. If the throttle is held steady it will miss very intermittently. The bike idles great and pulls all the way till I let off. The problem is new today. The ignition and plug checks out good. Disconnected the kill button and checked all electrical connections. Air filter is clean and the exhaust is not plugged. Am I missing something in the carb or the jetting? Bike had no problem untill today.
  9. madd

    air filter

    Thanks, you saved me some grief,
  10. madd

    air filter

    Is there a difference between the 250x and the 250r air filter?
  11. madd

    o-ring mod

    I took a lot more time with the Honda and checked it all out, worked great. The Yamaha was set up by a previous owner and I did not check everthing as well as I should have. Bike ran great and the jetting seems to be dead nuts on, I will check the timing and squirt. The bog was slight enough that I thought I could get away with just adding the o-ring.
  12. What kind of braces have most of you been using on the aluminum frame WR 250s? Looking for the most bang for the buck.
  13. I did the o-ring mod on my 250x and it worked great, the bog was completly gone. This was done after the bike was rejetted and was running great except for the little bit of bog that was left. After the success with the 2006 250x, I decided to do it to the 2007 WR250. Also after the WR was rejetted and all the mods to the intake and exhaust, gray wire, yz cam, etc. The 0-ring mod was a complete flop. The bike has less bog without the o-ring mod. The bog on the WR is not all that bad but, I was convinced that I could make the bog go away like on the 250x. Anyone else find that in some cases the o-ring mod did not work for them?
  14. From what I have been reading on Thumper talk it looks like 250 jetting is all over the map. I have a 2006 250x that came from the dealer with a 125 main, a 48 pilot, and this was suppose to be set up for 7000 -10000 feet in Colorado. I have been messing with jetting for a couple of weeks now and have a 135 main, a 45 pilot jet.and the needle in the 4th slot.I have done the o-ring mod, top cut out of the air box,and the exhaust mod. The bike is running good with no bog but, I would like to know if there may have been a valid reason for the 48 pilot jet. I am just scared that I may still be running the bike lean. All my riding is above 7000 feet. Thank you, Jim