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  1. OldThumperLover

    Motorcycle battery - ride to recharge?

    The long and short of it.
  2. OldThumperLover

    anyone here deal with "JEGS"

    Summit > Jegs simply because their website is better, all else equal
  3. OldThumperLover

    broken plastics

    Agreed. Or use nylon zip ties instead of wire. You can get them in a color to match.
  4. OldThumperLover

    Honda XL's

    lol here ya go bring the bike into a nice warm garage and let it come up to room temp make sure the kill switch is not on, petcock is on, ignition is on, choke is completely off, gearbox in N but you will need some choke if its cold, these bikes hate cold engage the compression release and give her a few kicks to prime kick her over while feathering the throttle just enough so she will start its that EASY!
  5. OldThumperLover

    '86 XL600R carb gasket(s)

    Gasket set from Honda. $24 http://www.mrcycles.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?category=Motorcycles&make=Honda&year=1986&fveh=4189
  6. OldThumperLover

    What do you buy too much/many of?

    bottles of this http://www.tequila.net/tequila_reviews/reposados/don_eduardo_reposado.html
  7. OldThumperLover

    Milky Engine Oil

    Sounds like you've seen this before. Bike normally runs hot and spills coolant. Motor takes in water easily through crankcase breather. Maybe I'm too old school and not race oriented, but I consider that poor design.
  8. OldThumperLover

    Milky Engine Oil

    Good plan. Just curious, is there an overflow reservoir on your bike?
  9. OldThumperLover

    Milky Engine Oil

    Some general info from my dealings with V8s... The cooling system is a sealed system and the coolant level shouldn't go down at all during normal use. Cracked head, cracked block, or head gasket. Maybe YZs are different, but I'd think not a water pump gasket. No amount of oil changing is going to help if you are losing coolant. If it was me, I'd go ahead and fix it now. Water plays hell on crank, cam, and rod bearings, so I'd replace those for sure. Just my .02
  10. OldThumperLover

    Sportster 1200

    I like the 1200 Roadster the best. The Sportster line got fuel injection in '07. Grab an '06 if you want carbed.
  11. OldThumperLover

    All The Oil Questions Finally Put to rest

    I am using whale sperm in my XL600. Expensive but worth it.
  12. OldThumperLover

    First post!/XL600 stuff

    I'd get the factory Honda shop manual. Then adjust the valves and drain the tank and float bowls. Let the tank dry out completely. Then bigger main jets if necessary. One step at a time.
  13. OldThumperLover

    83 XL600R Poor Performance

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. OldThumperLover

    What is your funniest dirt bike story or memory?

    A friend of mine was in front of me on an old XL250 doing about 60 mph on the highway. His 'spider' bungie cord came off and entangled in the rear sprocket/chain, locking up his rear wheel and stalling the motor unexpectedly. He didn't crash. Funny stuff.