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  1. GCannon

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    It would smell like a "Billy Goat!" with Diesel fuel in the tank. easy diagnosis
  2. You need to hold the lower aluminum tube (carefully in a tool to prevent distortion) that the base valve threads into and then use the holder wrench (over the damper rod) to remove (unscrew) the shinny cap on the top of the lower tube. There is a plastic seal in there that needs to be replaced while the damper rod is out. Normally you remove the threaded cap and then disassemble the mid valve on the damper rod to remove the rod and replace the seal. Take this opportunity to shine all the scratches from each rod and tube before reassembly
  3. GCannon

    IT 465 races at idle

    Do you have a Boost bottle set up? the rubber intake manifold is famous for cracking and leaking air. if you have a boost bottle it can split a seam. Also if you have a reed spacer block (which was popular) there are more gaskets to seal. It sounds like you have an air leak into the engine some where causing the high idle. Could also be throttle tube or throttle cable related. (crash) BTW, post a photo I miss my 465.
  4. GCannon

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    The rear is fine but my experience with the front Maxis IT is that it is one of the worst front tires i have ever tried. and will put you on the ground without warning. the softer Maxis SI is much better up front. My experience is the YZ's prefer a softer tire up front (both compound and carcass)
  5. GCannon

    Yz 85 missing a bolt

    You can use a center punch in the end of the new breather fitting to slightly mushroom the steel nipple to increase the press fit of the fitting where it presses into the case. if the original one fell out then a little extra press fit and locktite will help this one stay in better.
  6. GCannon

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    How are you feeling? That was a pretty impressive situation! will you be back on the bike soon?
  7. GCannon

    Yamaha Rear Shock

    I believe you need to use a 2006 or later maybe a 2005 The spring on the earlier models is smaller in diameter. They will fit the bike but you will have an odd collection of parts .
  8. https://www.manta.com/c/mm0cynh/drive-systems-u-s-a Call and ask for Brian, all they do is chain and sprockets
  9. we use a 12 counter sprocket on 125's a lot when we ride in the high altitude Forrest. it makes a 125's the most amazing trail weapon ever! Second or third gear in tight trails is supper fun. The 450 guys will never admit it but in those conditions a 125 is faster and much more fun to ride all day.
  10. Because the case tapers away from the chain as the the diameter of the sprocket increases. if you reduce the diameter of the counter sprocket then your chain is closer to the seal boss in the case. meaning your chain is now closer to the case than with the larger diameter sprocket. it has nothing to do with alignment because the sprocket is still in the same position on the shaft. I think we can agree that the part of case that holds the counter shaft seal is closest to the sprocket (and chain) as the sprocket diameter decreases the chain gets closer to the case. Note: with a new stiff chain you may not have a clearance problem but remember as the chain wears and loosens up then it flops around more and that is when you need more case clearance.
  11. The 12 counter sprocket will make the chain even closer to the case near the counter shaft seal. if your running the 12 you should use a narrower chain.
  12. GCannon

    What caused this?

    Ask Doc about the Kick Starter shaft upgrade? depending on your year you may or may not be involved in that business. Looking forward to seeing you weld that case back together once you find out what jammed the starter idler gear.
  13. GCannon

    Welding on frames for Strength

    I am not overly concerned about the Welds on the bottom tubes because the engine case acts a stressed frame member triangulated between the swing arm pivot and the two lower motor mounts. Paint it up pretty and enjoy!
  14. GCannon

    2001 YZ125 run away throttle

    check the lower corners of the throttle slide for damage.