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  1. GCannon

    Front brake not building pressure

    Tie wrap the lever to the grip is not a joke try it you have nothing to lose.
  2. GCannon

    Front brake not building pressure

    tie wrap the brake lever tight to the handlebar , Drink two beers (at least) and go to bed. Check it a least 24 hours later and tell us if it improved?
  3. GCannon

    Yz125 exhaust ring keep breaking.

    Inspect the cylinder exhaust flange for grooves and sharp edges. Sand them smooth. Grease the orings in the pipe with high temp grease for brake calipers. make sure pipe is not bent and mates with cylinder flange correctly
  4. GCannon

    YZ125 Trail Bike Conversion

    If your ridding involves a lot of sixth gear 60 mph open roads or terrain the 125 will not be that great. I you ride in the woods and rarely use 5th and 6th gear the 125 will most likely be the best trail bike. (after proper setup) Read the entire link rpt50 posted most of you questions will be answered.
  5. GCannon

    Stripped case

    Teflon Tape will work Great! Right up until the drain bolt falls out and you will know exactly when that happens when the tranny gears seize on the shaft!
  6. GCannon

    Free play side power valves

    You may be able to squeeze the lever arm fork in a vise where it engages the valve pin. To remove some play Make sure the lever arm runs smooth in the cam slot and does not get hung up on a notch. I guess you could even bend the arm You better be VERY careful.
  7. It looks a little thin around the exhaust ports. It looks a lot better than many cylinders I have run successfully, I would have no problem running that for at least one more piston maybe two. It all depends on how "Cheap you are"
  8. GCannon

    Head gasket failure?

    This may or may not be true for a 250 but if you ride or race a 125 like it is intended to be ridden or raced you will have a short lifespan of your lower connecting rod bearing. At 50 to 1 oil no matter what kind of oil you use in a 125 you will get a lot of practice replacing crankshafts because you will not have enough oil on that bearing. The bearing will overheat due to high RPM and High load on the engine. Remember the oil reduces friction on that bearing and the only way to cool that bearing is the fuel.
  9. GCannon

    WR426 Upgrades

    They are the same cam just buy the cam and install as directed do not second guess the timing marks. adjust valves during cam install and DO NOT over torque the cam cap bolts.
  10. GCannon

    YZ Restoration by P841

    Judging by that Cylinder Head somebody needs to learn how to shut the motor off instead of Downshift an pin it when the loud noise happens!
  11. GCannon

    Mix Ratio for YZ125?

    For a bigger displacement motor I would agree, but with a smaller displacement motor that has higher stress load on smaller parts and less fuel per revolution it is more of an issue.
  12. GCannon

    RK Tek modded stock head?

    If you have an overheating problem then the full head has cooling advantages it also has the option of changing domes for different fuel and performance otherwise unless your full race have them mod you head for your required performance and save money
  13. GCannon

    Emperor racing skid plates...

    Interesting concept for as many pipes as I smash!
  14. GCannon

    YZ125 seized mystery?

    after you replace the piston and crank you need to find out why it overheated. Jetting and Air leak would be primary suspects then make sure cooling system is in good condition. You need to clean up the aluminum from the exhaust port champhers and port bridge The cylinder may clean up oh
  15. GCannon

    Big Bear / Big Pine Flats

    Take 3n14 first and finish on 1w17 to crab flats last year I rode a 125 up 1w17 from crab flats it is doable but is a lot of work! If it snows up there today it may get even more interesting.