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  1. Don't be a "Snowflake" read the tread its worth it! The information you are looking for is in the middle of the thread.
  2. •YZ250 Timing Thread: Covers timing setup for 99+ YZ250 engines You have some reading to do!
  3. Your repair plan is solid! It time for a full rebuild. Then fix the jetting and carb to make sure this does not happen again. Then Ride and Smile!
  4. when the shaft comes out is there a groove in the shaft about 3/4" down from the lever arm?
  5. Replace the radiator cap first. kid sounds like a clutch abuser tell him he will be faster if he lets out the clutch all the way.
  6. AS previously mentioned it looks "Rich" Best course of action for jetting is "Reading" and don't make too big of a change at once.
  7. http://www.hotcamsinc.com/ProductInfo.aspx?item_id=5411 That's not what the manufacturer says!
  8. Eric Gorr will set you up with used modified power valves. I don't know how he will handle your core. Apparently he has a lot of used parts. when I was faced with a bad 125 cylinder recently I went with the EGR 144. You get a lot for your money including porting. The powervalve stem is aluminum and the pin is steel you can try and tackweld the pin (steel pin only) so it wont slide in the aluminum powervalve. bottom line is the aluminum power valve stem has lost its purchase on the pin. You need a different power valve
  9. Check your squish dimension and CC your head combustion chamber and post up the info. Did your 144 conversion not give you a significant increase in Bottom End Power? If you have the money then buy the Bud head and post a picture of the combustion chamber
  10. How can you have a 144 without a modified cylinder head? What type of 144 kit do you have? What is your squish clearance? The Buds Head looks nice! but the difference in performance will be small if your cylinder head has already been modified. You can advance the ignition timing over stock for more midrange hit but you better have a good understanding of your cylinder head dimensions and jetting. or risk detonation and possibly require race gas to tame the detonation.
  11. Rubber mounted 1 1/8" handle bars. you wont be sorry
  12. We just finished building an Eric Gorr 144 because of a worn out cylinder bore. got the Mo Better (all around) porting as well. Mostly because we needed a replated cylinder. We have about 12 hours on it now I was very impressed. this made an already fun bike amazing. the added low end is noteworthey The overall quality from EGR is medeocre but the bang for the buck as long as your willing to backup the build quality is pretty good. I understand the engineering dynamics of the max RPM stuff but the price is ridiculous and you have a lot of dimensional issues with the strokers that you need to carefully understand and check. If you have the budget to send off your entire engine for full service then it makes good sense. For anyone who needs to replate a worn cylinder the 144 is the way to go!
  13. Float level or worn needle Also make sure all you carb vent hoses are clear.
  14. There should be enough thread showing on each for you to chase them with a pick and determine right or left hand thread. The inside of the flywheel for the puller is left hand for sure . You better pop that clutch basket back on and jam a piece of aluminum in between the primary gears before you hit it with that impact.
  15. Sounds like normal 125 stuff! At least the parts are cheap. Think of it as an opportunity to make Improvements!