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  1. belmrty

    Timing Troubles (with photos)

    I have now moved on 1 tooth and it's even further out so moved it back again, must be looking at stretched chain, it all lines up until I let the tensioner go and that pulls it back offline again.
  2. belmrty

    Timing Troubles (with photos)

    Ok, so if I line up the marks on the cam the punch mark in the r/h case looks like this guess i will have to try moving a tooth and see if it gets better, it kinda depends what angle you veiw from as to how bad it looks.
  3. belmrty

    Timing Troubles (with photos)

    Having problems getting all the marks to line up and I dont know if this is good or not, any help or sugestions would be much appreciated. Turn the bike over get the r/h case punch mark lined up ok, then go to the left side and line up 2nd mark on flywheel with notch in left case (see photo) Next I look at the cam marks and they do not line up with the head casing (see photo) So i then move the cam to be level with the case like so and the flywheel marks are offline if i was to move the timing by one whole tooth i think it would be way out , the cam lobes are facing backwards and as i said the 2 casing marks line ok, its just the cam lines, could this be a chain or tensioner problem? or is this normal?
  4. belmrty

    Spark problems

    Ok, I have a crf250r 2008 that has a spark problem I got the bike about 6 months ago from a private sale looked at the bike and the guy started it first kick got home and it has not run since. Closer inspection shows that there is no spark so did all the tests in the manual new plug/disconect kill switch/new fuel etc. then got the multimeter out and the stator is only kicking out 30 peak volts so I get the stator rewound and now get a spark every 5 or so kicks, I then think cdi get second hand cdi and now it sparks more frequently but not every kick and some week sparks and some are a lot stronger. The direct ignition coil tests ok for resistance to the manual spec so i think that can be ruled out and the meter is showing that voltage is getting upto that poin tbut not evey kick. The only other thing i could think of is the pickup (ckp sensor) has not been changed but does seem to test ok. when trying to start it now sounds like it wants to fire every now and then but it wont, turn choke of and kick it get a backfire (unburnt fuel maybe?) sorry for the long story but this is driving me nuts now, please can someone give me some sugestions. Many thanks for any help.