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  1. It's a MotoZ Hybrid Mountain Trials Tire. DOT legal and it's been pretty good for me so far.
  2. I would level the forks with the top of the triple clamp as well. Ten mm will make a difference.
  3. I ride an 09 450EXC, i have a second set of forks that are sprung for SM and a complete brake assembly. I just swap the complete assembly into the triples. Makes swaps easy.
  4. Going to have better longevity with the WR as well. And im betting its going to be a lot cheaper. Have fun either way.
  5. My 09 450EXC (with a thumper Racing 520 kit) And my 950Adventure for the longer trips My Busa
  6. My lightly modded 09 450EXC
  7. Looking at buying a set and want to make sure they will fit. Anybody know? Thanks
  8. Its a great bike. A little heavy but there is a huge aftermerket for them. Lots of fun to ride and if you drop it there isnt going to be much damage. One of the best first street bikes around.
  9. My 98 YZ400SM Just bought it back from my Brother. Its gonna be cleaned up and looking good again soon.
  10. Nice, Is there a list of Modifications?
  11. Probably not going to fit. I have SM Wheels on my 98YZ400 and love it
  12. Use what you have. I built up a 98 YZ400 into an SM and I love it.
  13. I have a stock carb on My 98YZ400 Super moto. This thing has an oddball Carb (They only used it for two years) Anybody know what size carb it is? Appreciate the help Qwik
  14. It's an 07 with stock motor, BBR triple clamp, Aluminum bars, one inch longer than stock fork legs w/hd springs, hd rear spring, Pirelli street tires, Fleabay special pipe/airfilter, Skidplate, and fake carbon tank cover cause its purty!