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    Two wheels and dirt!!!!
  1. Mxsouth.com has them for $39.99.

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    Honda Hills works out better. My 14 year old is making the move from his kx85 to the 250f. That is one track that you have to look hard to find a berm! We will be there around 11:30 am in a red Dakota. On a right hand turn you should be forward in the seat with your crack lined up with the left edge on your bike seat, right leg out forward against the shroud, and the ball of your left foot on the peg putting as much body weight on it with out lifting your butt from the seat. See you there.Rich

    Flat turns with no ruts or birms

    Hey Sean, There are many variables for your problem, tire type,soil conditions,rear wheel misaligned,riding style.... I would start with running 12 psi front and rear. I have been working on front spring rates for my 225lbs carcass and got the bike tracking pretty well. Where have you been riding? We may by going to Grumpy Valley on saturday. Let me know and we can compare rides.

    03 yz450f Spring rate????

    On MX-tech sping calculator a .479 fork sping rate was recomended, but race tech only has .49 for '04. They were better than stock for my 225 lbs., but caused arm pump in the whoops. Last week I swapped out one stock spring ,.46,with the .49 and the difference was awsome!!! The bike turns so much better now and it is easier to go fast now. I also have 5.6 rear spring with 100mm rider sag.
  5. The 42 comes stock, and the 45 is the next step up. The jet costs around $5. You need to remove the float bowl to get to the jet. You may be able to loosen the clamps and rotate the carb in place. Just check the schematics in the manual to help locate the jet. Overall it is an easy fix, and you will need to re-adjust the fuel screw for the healthiest idle when done, and then enjoy some pop-free throttle time! If you are going to a parts shop to get the jet, you should bring your old one with you to make sure you get the right model.

    04' O.T.D. for $5400?

    I got mine for $4999 plus tax from Yamaha of Troy , that ended up just under $5400. $50 less than I paid for my '03 250f. Love both the bikes, worth every cent!
  7. To answer your original question, yes it will run being off one tooth,and quite poorly at that! It was wayyy hard to start and and ran like there was a rag in the airbox! I'm not sure if it was off one tooth advanced or retarded. I learned my lesson, and no valve piston contact, thank god!
  8. My '04 was doing the same thing, so I put a 45 pilot jet in and a little fine tuning with the fuel screw helps matters alot! BTW I live in Columbus Ohio at about 300' asl.

    OT. Mobil Red Cap good for GSXr 600?

    Yes the 15w50 will work fine! Be using it in my bikes since 1998. Also have it in my '02 sv650s and it is fine. Stay away from oils that display the "Energy Conserving" emblem.
  10. RWCWOH

    Stolen 2003 CRF, Ohio

    I told you I did'nt do it!! I will personally go down to Dorr Run and look for these slimeballs as often as I can!! I will need a better description, since all you white guys look the same. :D If your bike was'nt so damn cool, nobody would steal it!
  11. RWCWOH

    How to check chain slack?

    I use a 1 1/4 socket, which is 1 1/2 inches tall, and wedge it between the chain and the end of the rubber slider, and adjust the tension until snug. Better loose than too tight!
  12. RWCWOH

    the moto jackrack reviewed

    When I got mine in '98 it came in pieces in a box with no instructions! Sloppy paint job requires you to chase the extra paint out of the threaded parts before you put it together. Customer service is the pits!!! Overall, good product, sold by a so so company.
  13. RWCWOH

    What's a good top triple clamp

    I also have the Answer top clamp which is made by Oberg, and has a neat dove tail groove adjustment system on the bar clamps which offers the needed forward placement. Good stuff!!! As far as the bars, Pro-tapers can take a hit, and I have dropped my 400 on its Fatbars more times than I would like to admit, and they held up well.
  14. RWCWOH

    wr or yzf?????

    At 220lbs. I had to respring the bike and I am very happy with the results. I ride a mix of tight trails ,hare scrambles, and mx. For a short period , coming off of a wr400, I was stalling the bike in the corners, light flywheel, more riding fixed that habit. I really missed the torque of the wr400 for those long loose climbs,but I'm finding that by retraining myself to twist the throttle beyond halfway the bike does all I need! Hey Mitch, any chance you know Dave Hall, he rides a ktm and lives in Alexandria. I work with him at Columbus Fire.
  15. RWCWOH

    What sparkplug you THUMPS running?

    I have been using NGK cr8ek plugs for 4 years. It is a duel electrode racing plug. The cheapest I have found them for is $5.09 at Advance Auto. Their part number is 3478. Try the plug and tell us what you think!