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  2. Twistin744

    VA / N.C. Coastal people?

    Hopefully the weather will hold out for you bud! I know how that whole weather thing goes.....happens to me too! If you paint for a living or spare money, I might be able to send some business your way too? We will keep you in mind for riding without a doubt. We love to ride whenever we can and it's always good to meet new friends! If you want to talk more in depth on riding opportunities with people here in our area check out the forum on the website listed with my sponsors....I'm on there as much as I am on here! I'll be looking forward to hitting some trails together in the future for sure!!!
  3. Twistin744

    VA / N.C. Coastal people?

    The wife and I are looking to go riding this weekend if anyone is interested? Probably Sunday, Dec. 3rd. We have a place to ride here in our area (Hampton Roads) but we are looking for some new trails or woods riding areas to try out if anyone knows of a good place? I'm willing to drive an hour from here to get in some good riding, it does not matter if it's in North Carolina either....
  4. Twistin744

    Hampton roads riders

    Nope! Nothing yet....... Don't even know if it will!!
  5. Twistin744

    Best place to live and ride

    Yes Sir, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Cali. is sick. When I left it was starting to get really bad. The tracks are sweet but the off road areas are starting to get "tree hugged" to death! Example: Glamis for Thanksgiving 2001 & 2003. In 2001 there were about 125,000 people in various off road vehicles. It was fun, comp & olds hills were a blast, nothing much was off limits other than a little area of dunes out in the middle of nowhere....party all night! Showed up for 2003 and the BLM had Comp hill shut down at dark all weekend. Fully lit with mobile construction spotlights. They even had a sobriety checkpoint in the middle of the thing. We got pulled over by a Police Dune Buggy (no joke) about 20 miles from a piece of concrete or any other road, house, etc. and I was ticketed for "open container" because I was riding in the back of a jeep drinking a beer!!! Clear Creek: My buddy and I unloaded our bikes for a days ride. He fired up his bike while I was getting dressed, to let it warm up. He wrapped the throttle about twice, 2 quick blurps....... Up pulls a truck (BLM), the guy pulled out a Db meter, put it up to his pipe, and proceded to write him a $300.00 ticket. Similar situation: Friends were out in Clear Creek riding. The BLM put out a message that they had a missing ranger for about 24 hours. My friends found this guy out in the middle of nowhere about 50 miles from the Ranger Station. One of the quad riders put him on the back of the quad and drove this guy back to the station. While they were discussing where they found him, another ranger came out of the station with a Db meter.......put it up to one of the bike exhaust of the guys in the group.......wrote him a $300.00 ticket without even blinking....... HURRAY FOR CALIFORNIA B.L.M.
  6. Twistin744

    Best place to live and ride

    I'll say this, I use to live right outside Temecula.......You can see The Mountains (Big Bear I think) covered with snow on a nice 70 degree day in Feburary.....If I wanted to I could be at the beach in about 20 min., the MX track in about 5 min., or the Mountains in about 50 min. I don't think it gets any better than that really in the U.S.A.?
  7. Twistin744

    Ktm with the Crue

  8. Twistin744

    Best place to live and ride

    California = Motocross Mecca / Birthplace = First 5 rounds of Supercross All the factory test tracks (you won't get to ride), Perris Raceway, Starwest, Lake Elsinore, Glamis Sand Dunes, Buttercup, Dumont Dunes, Ocitillo Wells....blah,blah,blah...you know the rest! Cali. is hands down "Motocross Mecca", .....and anyone who is willing to get up in the morning and go to work can afford to live there. Yes, even in San Diego County. Plenty of everything for everyone with a bike between their legs to ride on...no pun intended! But take it how you will.....
  9. Twistin744

    Favorite Graphics brand?

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    looking for graphic websites

  11. Twistin744

    Hampton roads riders

    Yeah...I retract my previous statement about that 50 or 60 races! But the "Pro-Wheel Winter Series" does host 4 of their races there through Feburary.
  12. Twistin744

    Hampton roads riders

    Search OHV trails in the George Washington / Thomas Jefferson Natnl. Forrest. There are a few out there! You can search the Shenandoah Valley also. I saw where you registered in the Black Label Forum also! Ranger Charlie, one of my team members, lives in the Shenandoah Valley and another user, NCYZ, also lives on the other end of the state. If you post that same question in the General forum on the BLR site they will probably turn you on to some good trails really quick! Good Luck!
  13. Twistin744

    Hampton roads riders

    I live here now bro. and it's not too bad. I moved out here from SoCal ( San Diego)...so if you can imagine that? I maintain a website that supports my race team. You can check it out to see whats going on as far as racing goes, heck you can even join our forum and talk with lots of other guys right here in the area about riding if you want to? just to the www thing and go to blacklabelracing dot net. As far as the tracks these other guys mentioned here is what I know as of today: Currituck MX - Closed down about 2 months ago with promises of re-opening maybe? 1 Hr. from here Morgans Corner MX - Closed to the public now. Tony (the owner) had lots of complaints about the track after he re-routed it and lipped off a few jumps. So he closed it to everyone except "good friends"! You might be able to swing by and make friends with him. 1 Hr. from here ECMX - I love this place. I think they hold quite a few more races than a dozen or "12", more like........ 50 or 60. In fact if you chack out my site it has all the info for the "Pro-Wheel - Winter MX Series" which uses ECMX for more than 50% of the races. 1 Hr. from here. Budds Creek - I don't think I need to preach this one. They will be holding the MXDN there this coming September....oh yeah, they just had a race there this weekend as part of the previous Series I mentioned. 2 Hrs. from here. Slade's Park - This is where you can take the family trail riding. It's open year round and has over 300 acres of riding available. Fun for everyone! 30 Min. from Newport News. In addition to these there are the following well groomed and ready to race tracks within driving distance of us. Look em' up on the web or hit a link from my website: Virginia Motorsports Park South Fork Competition Park Birch Creek MX Lake Sugar Tree MX Lake Gaston MX Henderson MX Park - N.C. Good Luck! Welcome to the neighborhood!
  14. Twistin744

    426 Clicking Noise?

    When I'm riding and giving the bike a decent ammount of gas the clicking stops, but if I'm idling or going very slow I can hear it. It seems to be coming from the left side of the case. The guy I got it from, and his mechanic, told me this about the noise: It's a pin of some sort (I forget) that is associated with the clutch basket. Aparently the pin has been replaced before, but from what this guy said, the torque of the engine shears the pin off after a few rides? His mechanic said they went through the entire engine searching for this noise before they found it. He also said that it's not going to mess up the engine if I don't fix it. He just said it would be annoying but thats about it......and it is! They gave me a box of parts that includes all kinds of clutch springs, the stock clutch basket a brand new left side case cover (the big one) and some other misc. parts! I personally have never had to do clutch work before and I've never been interested in opening the bottom end at all really. The clutch works fine though, no slipping, no problems. The closest I ever came to clutch work was watching a buddy put in a new stack of plates! I'm just wondering if I should tear into it and if I do...what am I looking for? Is clutch work simple? Does this even sound like a clutch problem? Has anyone else had this experience?
  15. Twistin744

    What's the best way to start a YZF426?

    I'll start with the 02' 250F I recently traded for my 00' 426. The 250 was a pig, it never wanted to start. I would have to replace the plug after 2 rides. The carb was tuned to specs and the valves were shimmed or replaced on a regular interval...like any race bike should be. That bike just hated being started....period. It ran great..but if it quit...you could cancel Christmas because your race was over. Then I read a thread on Thumper FAQ, about a starting drill. The drill included holding the throttle open for 10 to 15 seconds before kicking it (I'm not kidding) I thought it sounded rediculous, but I was at my wits end so I tried it....it actually worked better? Then I just sucked it up and installed the 03' Cam ....life got a lot better! Now I have a 00' 426. Here's my drill: -Pull choke -Hold throttle WFO for 10 seconds....then release -Pull De-comp. cycle 3 times -Let the kicker come fully up to TDC -Rest my foot on the kicker, just enough to apply weight -Pull the De-comp, let my foot weight the kicker to the first "click" or stopping point. - Release the De-comp. lever and give it one good kick all the way through, and it fires. Twice is the most I've ever had to kick this thing. The Hot Drill is the same, minus holding the throttle open, and add the hot start button.