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  1. old man dan

    300 xcw Master link

    The chain guide sort of peens over the ends of the pins so you have to pry the link off. Two flat blade screwdrivers does the trick. Make sure to replace the clip as well. The old one is probably a little worn.
  2. old man dan

    Project Opportunity

    "I've heard of people that will do something simple to make the bike not run, "needs carb boot, coil, stator, ect" to hide bigger problems." He pretty clearly says it needs a top and bottom end rebuild. Take a long hard look at the rest of the bike, if it looks ok take a chance on it. You can probably part it out for more than 400 if the motor work turns out to be too much.
  3. old man dan

    Nw bike recommendations

    What about a KTM 200XC. Great on trails of course, light as a 125 but torquey like a 250 without the giant hit. Works on the track as well as long as you have the right supension setup. 05/06 should be in or just above you're price range.
  4. old man dan

    so its the holiday season.

    Agreed, disassemble, clean and check all the suspension bearings and replace as required. Replace the shifter before it wrecks the shaft and then see what you can do with the silencer.
  5. old man dan

    time to re-build 08 200

    If you have the sag set correctly (with your weight on the bike) and you still have the original rear spring you probably have too much preload on the spring. Its really important to have the correct rear spring, there's lots of discussion on here about it. Read through and figure whats right for your weight (fully geared up) and look for a used spring. You'll be surprised how much better the bike reacts. If you want to spend some of your money, try buying a trials tire for the rear.
  6. old man dan

    Stuck Cylinder Bolt.

    get a six point wrench on it.
  7. old man dan

    KTM 200 exc expert needed!

    I think they're pretty much the same bike, I'd definitely get the 03 if its as clean as you say.
  8. old man dan

    2007 200 xc top end power mods

    I had a Gnarly on the bike (06 XC) right before I bought the KTM Hardparts pipe. It's definitely not the same. I've heard conflicting reports about what pipe it really is and it's possible that it may have changed over the years. Mine was bought in 08 so it may not be the same as what they sell now. The CF pipe guard I had on the Gnarly didn't fit the Hardparts pipe and the power delivery is very different. The Gnarly is a great pipe for the right purposes but it does really kill the top end. The original pipe was really good too (maybe the best) but it lasted exactly one good fall. It's made of tin foil. After I crumpled it I put on the Gnarly which I liked at first, but then I started to miss the top end rush. I did some research and the Hardparts seemed like the way to go. I bought it and immediatley liked it. Whats funny though is that we straightened out the bends I had inflicted on the Gnarly and tried it on my buddies 03 SX (after he crushed his stock pipe) and he really liked it. Maybe the bigger carb and the ignition on the SX make up for some of what the Gnarly takes away. We both have the same head mods and porting.
  9. old man dan

    2007 200 xc top end power mods

    The best mod for top end would easily be to get rid of the Gnarly for almost any other pipe. The stocker is very good but very thin, the hardparts pipe is my favorite but you may like something else better. After that, I think the next best would be the SX ignition.
  10. old man dan

    CR125 Clutch and Rear Tire Binding

    Probably pretty normal. Most clutches drag a lot expecially when cold. Does the clutch release normally when you're riding, can you find neutral relativley easily?
  11. old man dan

    sand in trany

    I would use ATF. it's safe to run in the trans and clutch and has a high detergent content. Just pour in a quart and run it on the stand and then drain it. Pour in a fresh quart and run it slowly through the gears and drain it again. 2 or 3 times would do it I'm sure, expecially if the original oil came out clean.
  12. old man dan

    Whats up with them 2010 250sx's?

    Sounds pretty good to me, it's nearly current and it's a great bike. If you can afford it and it's in good shape go for it. I don't know what the market price in your area is but it's hard to find a good 250 sx in most areas.
  13. old man dan

    gearing question

    14/52 is marginally lower than 13/48 although I doubt it's noticable. If you want higher top speed try 14/48 (because you have them already) 14/50 would obviously be right in the middle.
  14. I think the KDX option is a great stepping stone for the OP. I would continue to look for a KTM 200 through the fall and winter but if you see agood deal on a clean KDX then go for it. The KTM will serve you longer but the KDX is going to be worth what you pay for it for a couple of years, you won't lose money on it when you move up. Do you live nearer the coast or the interior. The closer you live to the coast the more I would stay away from the 250 MX'ers. If you ride the rainforest you want the most tractable powerband you can find.
  15. old man dan

    Sx125 2002 "eats up" spark plugs!!

    Check you reeds and possibly your crank seals. If the bike used to run good with the jetting you have then something has changed. Obviously, cleaning the carb never hurts, but if the bike ran fine for 10 years and is now having problems something is wrong.