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  1. WH250F

    I put a few parts on...

    DAMMMMMMMMMN mine looked like that at one time...the first day i brought it home....get out there and ride that thing and burn some paint of the clutch cover, haha great looking bike though..i need to post some pics of mine
  2. WH250F

    Boobles tearing it up in classic form...

    I too dont understand why everyone rips on Bubba? so hes had a few wrecks, landing on RC was a mistake, on whos part no one knows??? If Reed, or Windham or even RC were doing the same stuff ya'll would be ripping them too. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion of bubba but unless you can ride with the likes of RC and windham and reed i wouldnt criticize?(spelling) his riding because hes PRO and most everyone on here isnt.