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  1. Yamaha

    Wanted to give everyone an update on my ride. After reading some posts I installed the HMF Sport series pipe on my wifes bike. I also changed the pilot jet to a #48 and the main jet to #170. Didn't move the needle from stock position. All I can say is WOW!!! It's like a whole different machine. Bottom, mid and top end are awesome... no more ping, unbelievable power throughout the range. Starts effortlessly and runs perfect at Glamis. I highly recommend this set up.
  2. Yamaha

    I installed the HMF and re-jetted... WOW Awesome!!!
  3. Yamaha

    Just rode my wife's '05 in the sand at Glamis for the first time last weekend. Band new bike, no mods and it pings and knocks like a B&*$% in 4th and 5th with pump gas (91 octane). I really don't want to spend a bank roll running VP or whatever, that's why I bought a 4 stroke. Anybody know of jetting changes, pipes, sprocket or whatever to get this thing to stop pinging?!!!