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  1. I just got my 06 done by FC and have 2 hours on it. If you ride red, Factory Connection has to be hands down - the best. They've accumulated more Honda rider data than anybody and it certainly shows. I love this stuff. Thanks Ziggy!
  2. HasBeen

    How much better is the 06'

    Debates on changes from year to year will like splitting hairs from here on out because bikes are built so darn good now. The main advantage in purchasing a new one will be because its new and fresh. THAT is something you can always tell a difference in.
  3. HasBeen

    what is better

    Factory Connection is the best for Hondas - period. I just had them revalve my 06 450 and the results are stellar. They turned my suspension around in one day too.
  4. HasBeen

    alpinestars boot soles...owners read

    I have the new soles and have blown thru 2 in 16 months. They grip well but are definitely soft.
  5. HasBeen

    You Have To See This !!!!!

    That's almost as painful as watching Mike Tyson bite someone's ear.
  6. HasBeen

    dual exhaust fad?

    All 4 strokes will have them eventually. It's all about getting the noise down.
  7. HasBeen

    06 CRF450 First Ride

    I second that opinion. It corners with razor sharp precision and the suspension feels like it was set up specifically for me. I weigh 185 and haven't touched a clicker.
  8. HasBeen

    Switching from an '03 to an '06 CRF450R

    I just got an 06 and finally broke down and bought a spoke torque wrench. No kidding about them coming loose.
  9. HasBeen

    2006 oil filter

    Supposedly they kept the air box the same. I'd call a dealer to confirm.
  10. HasBeen

    New crf 450 or new ktm 250 sxf

    At your weight - consider the 450. The Honda 05 450 was probably the best MX bike ever made. The 06 can only be better.
  11. HasBeen

    05 Plastic on 06

    I had to drill out a hole to make my worksconnection radiator guards fit. (05 guards on an 06) Sales rep said it would fit. yea right
  12. HasBeen

    switching to synthetic?

    Stupid question: My bike calls for 10w40 and I understand viscosities as it relates to temp. So will running 0w40 matter?
  13. HasBeen

    Best price OTD for 06 450?

    You can get em for 6600 out the door at Lake Charles Honda Louisiana. Buy 2 and get 6400. (each)
  14. HasBeen

    my 2006 crf450r

    My 06 sits higher then the 05 and has significantly more low end hit. I just yanked the price tags off on went to the track without touching a thing and it rode great. I weigh 180 lbs. and the suspension seemed to be set up perfectly. In all - I love it.
  15. HasBeen

    250R to 450R

    I just retired my RM 125 to start riding an 06 Honda 450 so I know all about that momentum thing. You can compare all day long but it boils down to 2 very different activities. The Honda is like figure skating where the RM was more like hockey. The 125 definitely used up alot more energy causing me not to be able to ride as long. If I could ride 4 hard motos on the 125 - I can ride 6 on the 450. There's no doubt the 125s are a load of fun but modern day tracks seem to favor more of what a 4 stroke is capable of. I feel safer on the 450 where I was definitely taking chances on the RM. For now I can say I'm very satisfied with the transition but then maybe ask me again in 3 or 4 months. I think time will tell.