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  1. Say ur peice George u didn't say wow fer nothin
  2. Lol I don't no about u but main reason I'm getting rid of KTM is that I was doing tight woods stuff and far away from home and of course it's only battery start if ya get what im getting at so that was last straw for me wish I never made the mistake I made by buying it in the first place not that it isn't a fun bike by any means but it'll disappear now lol.
  3. Well krannie I think from what u said I know what I'm gonna do now and thanks for that and for me also the sxf has been the funnest bike for me so far I hope I get the same from the beta.
  4. Everything but track and road use.
  5. Hi there i currently own a 2008 ktm sxf 450 and I am interested in buying a 2016 beta 430rr I dont track ride at all but im just wondering if anyone else has done a similar switch and was happy with the choice? how does performance compare/ what is the horsepower specs for betas i cant find anything on them about that. any info on changing over to this bike would greatly help me ive heard only greats thing about beta bikes thanks guys!
  6. Ya ur right bo not cheap for one is it. Thx Honda guy I'll have to give them a look.
  7. Thx beta guy I think I have received all the info I need to switch over. Well my dealer don't have the 430 there yet there was a demo day today but rained out really wanted to try one but I feel confident that I would be happy with it.
  8. Also is the headlight bright can u switch it with something brighter?
  9. Thx so much beta guy that's exactly the type of info I was looking for guess I shoulda asked that question first lol is the bike quite high revving like a ktm? I'm gonna say these bikes don't boil over easy? I'm about 6 feet 180 pounds would u not recommend the 480rr since ur a little bigger and are happy with the 430?
  10. has no one went from a mx 450 bike directly to the 430rr or 480rr? if someone has i wanna no what the experience was like for you and if you feel like u made the right decision anything would be greatly appreciated thx.
  11. I've been hearing all good things about them I really wanna try one out
  12. So the 480rr how is it possible that it weighs the same as the 430 doesn't seem physicaly possible? Do these bikes have boil over issues at all? And ya I wanna good working bike who doesn't I don't wanna spend money and have an experience like someone's used to driving a corvette then going to a k car or something that's a hard change to do. I no these work better than any xr did I hope anyway. Is the 480 more like the 450 now than the 430 is?
  13. There's a video 480rr vs 430rr and the guy that was my weight class preferred the 430 I believe that's the one I would go with but either bike I'm sure I would notice a different from my sxf 450 done up wouldn't u say? But I'm getting older and do only woods and logging roads so that's my mind set about this whole thing
  14. Man that 500 sure has a low sounding power. So johnny what are u riding the 430 or 480?
  15. So johnny the 480 weighs the same as the 430 supposedly and only about 5 or 6 pounds more than my mx bike.