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  1. a place called croom or ocal national forst two great places to trail ride.
  2. Anyone?
  3. Reposting: Anybody know the head bold torque for a ttr225?
  4. Anybody know the head bold torque for a ttr225?
  5. I bought an 02 TTR-225 and later found out it has a top end knock over about 3000 rpm and smokes pretty bad. I adjusted the valves in an attempt to quiet it down, but the top end knock continued. When I took it apart, I found .013 piston wall clearance and the oil ring had no spring to it. That explains the smoke, but not the knock. I grabbed hold of the rod and tried to feel if there was any slop in the lower rod bearing. It had a lot of side play, but it was tight up and down. I have a few questions: Is it normal to have side play at the lower rod bearing? Could piston slap be causing the knocking noise? If so, would a rebore and new piston fix it? Does anyone know what the piston clearance should be? Head bolt torque? Correct valve clearance? Thanks in advance for any expert advice.