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  1. I have had two GasGas bikes (FSE 400cc & FSE 450cc) and my brother had a GasGas EC200cc and he just got a brand new GasGas EC 300cc Racing (Öhlins) and I love that bike and I just put in a order for a new TM-Racing MX 250F
  2. you can use clutch and brake levers from GasGas and I think Sherco too, but not sure
  3. sweet it only needs a Öhlins now heheheheehe
  4. I love my TM! it just has some thing other bikes don't have
  5. Acl

    hey dr.mark how much $$ is it get you to fix my ACL?
  6. BETA are cool looking bikes and VOR died a long time ago
  7. I ****ing love my TM, I want a new one, and I just may get the TM 144cc when it goes on market
  8. I like Öhlins on my bike
  9. I love my TM-Racing 125cc and I was going to sell my GG-450FSE but there is something about it and I always like to take it for a spine, I just can't sell it, it's a freaking good bike, and I has always won the Berg in a enduro test from euro or australia bike mags
  10. sorry I must have been looking at old photos, I think 2005 he still was on the old frame
  11. TM-Racing only makes 2000 bikes every year
  12. stefan everts used a steel frame on his Yamaha not aluminum
  13. I think beta is a nice bike
  14. good bike
  15. TM-Racing only makes 2000 bikes a year