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  1. ridered501

    XR 100 mod. for better turning

    eureka I shouldnt have any trouble turning left now
  2. ridered501

    Check out this "BBR"!

    I hope there is some stupid people out there that are going to buy the heck out of these and force bbr to lower there prices because the way it is now I cant afford anything with a bbr price tag on it other than the fork springs and rear shock spring
  3. ridered501

    Classification question

    if hes going to race your going to want to go with a 85 I also have a cr85 but I didnt list it b/c its thumpertalk and not pingertalk and my 85 is about twice as fast but also about twice as hard to ride so you want to tell him to take it slow and get used to a powerband first then sign up for ama and hell be having lots of fun
  4. ridered501

    Horse Power for a honda CRF100

    my lawnmower has 21 hp its a john deere and my xr100 has 6.2 hp lol.....hmmmmmm your giving me ideas lawnmower engine+xr100 frame=fast dirtbike ... I think I may have something here
  5. ridered501

    Let see the places you ride!!!!!

    this is where I ride every weekend that I canhttp://www.tntmotorsportsinc.com/page/track.shtml
  6. ridered501

    Classification question

    if he races a local assoc. like here in Charlotte nc we have jmx where they have a supermini class where 85 beginners can run but they cant go very fast that is the class I race in and there are some fast 65's in there but mostly xr100's and tt-r 125's which it evens out because the ttr has more power but its heavier than the xr
  7. ridered501

    lets c those sick 100's

    bbrxr100 and minifig both of your bikes look like you sent them off to bbr with 10 grand and told them to have fun with it those are extremely nice bikes guys good job
  8. ridered501

    xr100 idle

    does it stay reved after you let off the gas in nuetral if so then it is a crack in the manifold if not then it could still be the manifold but it is probably something in carburation even though you have pulled it apart its always possible you missed a spot but its probably the manifold plus socal knows all listen to him
  9. ridered501

    XR 200 motor in playbike of the year

    guys yz125 chassis's have a 37"seat height a ttr has a what 32" seat height which is perfect for most women or for a bored man that wants a LITTLE play bike
  10. ridered501

    check these out!!!!!!

    those have xr/cr conversion written all over them
  11. any body who has an xr/crf50/70 can you please measure your swingarm where it mounts to the frame at the bottom and tell me the width thanx
  12. ridered501

    SuperTrapp Adds how much HP?

    hey mike may be on to some thing here lol
  13. ridered501

    this is great..

    I bet a yami wouldn't have run after that
  14. ridered501

    good deal on xr200 or not?

    yeah I was thinking that I would offer him 900 take it or leave it
  15. ridered501

    good deal on xr200 or not?

    I was wondering what you guys thought about this bike and the price and it is just up the road so I can go check it out , I think I may do so this week click here to see the ad