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  1. calvin71

    sproket install

    So how do I determine what side goes to the motor?
  2. calvin71

    sproket install

    Ok this is going to sound like a rookie question. Having a bad day trying to get use to my new night shift hours. Anyways is there a right or wrong way to put on front sproket? Buy the shifted? Thanks guys.
  3. calvin71

    2002 valves replacement

    If you have the cash about 700 bucks. Id would replace the head with an 2008 head and valves and a 08 pistion and rings. Doing this the valves will last much longer than the 02. And fewer adjustments. I haven't done the mod on my 02 yet but have bought all the parts when its time to do it. And if you buy parts slowly it wont feel so bad. If interested I think I have a list of the parts needed.
  4. I agree with rayz not warped spray some WD40 use the nut on the end of the threads turned on tap in then maybe on the other side to get the axle to break free. Hope this helps.
  5. calvin71

    a shock question

    Ok great I will check this. It's my 2006 seemed much higher to me than the 02. The 02 feels like I'm on a 250. Is there that much difference in the years. And I was curious because the guy I got the bike from was short about 5'6" so I wanted to make sure he didn't do any thing to lower the bike any. I will check the sag per Honda thanks.
  6. calvin71

    2002 plastic interchangeable???

    Did you have to trim any? On your graphics? Yeah I want to get the monster graphics but the ones I like start at 2005. Just didn't want to spend 80-100 bucks and they didn't fit. My 2002 has come a long way from when I traded my 06 for the 02 for the green sticker. Hope to post some before and after pics soon. Thanks again for the feed back.
  7. calvin71

    Pics of Your 450....

    Where did you get the graphics?
  8. calvin71

    a shock question

    ok so i have a yellow spring, im guessing its stock. im about 185 with no gear on, you think a stiffer shock? or should i try adjusting the shock rings? i really dont want a stiff rear end but dont want alot of sag either. id like the bike a little tall im 6.0
  9. calvin71

    a shock question

    when my crf 450r is at its normal resting point i can lift the back end up of the ground and when i set back down it lowers more than i like. so would i loosen the ring for the spring? or mess with the damp control?
  10. I have a 2002 CRF 450r and was wondering if any of the newer year plastics are interchangeable so i could find a better graphic kit for my bike and a better look. thanks.
  11. calvin71

    ttr-125 carb instal

    Yes just sitting just while im running the test. Need to ride other tan down the street. And thanks for the info appreciate it.
  12. calvin71

    carb help

    The main jet is a 102.5 and pilot is a 17.5 I'm so frustated I mean it can't be that hard to figure out. And I don't want to take it to the dealer.I'm in Sacramento
  13. calvin71

    carb help

    Its a 2001 TTR-125 from idel to a quick pull on the throttle it cuts out.
  14. calvin71

    carb help

    Ok I will give it a try thank you,
  15. calvin71

    carb help

    Ok I just installed a mikuni carb on my sons Yamaha 125. Bike starts right up idle nice. Here's the issue. If I pull slowly on the throttle its ok but if I pull quick it bogs out. I have tried all clip setting no change. Any advice would be wonderful. Maybe its happend to you and this could be a quick fix. Rejet?????