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  1. BigDeSto53

    Ride to Randsburg 6/2/07 w/pics

    Matt is the VW still in the hole by the A-frame!! Nice pics!
  2. BigDeSto53

    Invitation - Sun Valley Motocross Hearing

    I'll try to make this one also!!
  3. BigDeSto53

    25 buck for piru!?!?!?!?!

    don't complain! @ least it's there!! Most places are going to $25 or already are!!!! Spend $60 in gas to go to the dez if you want a nice dusty place to ride!!
  4. BigDeSto53

    Adelanto Grand Prix Results

    I raced SR AMA on sat and OPEN EXPERT on sunday since ama was sold out!! I'm think i may have ended up top 15 in the Expert class:excuseme: we see what happens when the results are posted in 2-3 weeks. The waterhole jump was alot shorter this year compared to last year.. Should've been close to 100mph or more on the long straight-a-way w/ my 15/45.. had to get on it hard coming outta the corner before the WH jump w/ that gearing:busted: Great TIME!! Oh yeah Curt Caselli had top speed of 112mph
  5. BigDeSto53

    Tires for D37 GP's and Adelanto

    I'll be running 756's for Adelanto(mostly sand)15/45 over 100mph:thumbsup: on my CR500T-2 Two 2nd place finishes last year in SR NOV & OPEN NOV This year SR AMA sat and Open AMA on sunday:thumbsup: heading out friday morning #53 w/yellow plates white plastic:thumbsup: ADELANTO IS MOSTLY SPEED:thumbsup:
  6. BigDeSto53

    I-5 this sunday!

    Don't worry i won't hold my breath!
  7. BigDeSto53

    New to SoCal...

  8. BigDeSto53

    Post "Sick Air"

    perris Broke my tib later in the night! piru LACR
  9. BigDeSto53

    I-5 this sunday!

    GP @ Comp Edge April 22nd:thumbsup:
  10. BigDeSto53

    76 Xr 75

    DG pipe, nickeled frame , runs good:thumbsup:
  11. BigDeSto53

    White Radiator Shrouds

    try UFO:thumbsup:
  12. BigDeSto53

    I-5 this sunday!

    It was nice in the morning and got a bite crowded later in the day:busted:@ one point dicing backnforth , i was laughing telling my friend "it's good practice for next weekend"":ride: :applause:
  13. BigDeSto53

    Adelanto GP Feb 24-25th

    yeap! ADELANTO 2007 RACE SCHEDULE Sign Up Hours on race weekend: Friday: 4pm - 9pm Saturday: 6am - 3pm Sunday: 6am - 2:30pm Sign Up is on the North side of City Hall. (Hwy 395 & Air Base/Air Expressway) Saturday February 24th 7:30 · Unclassified 8:30 · PeeWee 50cc (Age 5 -10 yrs) · Kids 60-85cc 2st, 60-100cc 4st (Up to 11 yrs) Live Engine Starts. Kids race reduced course. PeeWees on separate course. 9:30 · 125cc-200cc (Exp/Am) · 4 Stroke Unl. (Exp/Am/Nov/Beg) 11:00 · Over 40 (Nov/Beg) · Over 50 (Nov/Beg) · Over 60 (All) 12:30 · Over 30 (Exp/Am) · Over 40 (Exp/Am) · Over 50 (Exp/Am) 1:45 · Over 30 (Nov/Beg) 3:00 Pro Race $15,000 Purse 1 hr. plus 1 Lap · 251cc&up · 201cc-250cc · 125cc-200cc Sunday February 25th 7:30 · Vintage: <1974 (Exp/Am/Nov) · Classic: 1975-1979 (Exp/Am/Nov) · Dual Sport (Exp/Am/Nov) · Trail Bike Beginner - View Rules! Live Engine Starts & Reduced Course for all classes. 8:45 · 250cc: 201cc-250cc (Exp/Am/Nov/beg) 10:15 · 125cc-200cc (Nov/Beg) · Mini 12-15 yrs. 85cc or less (Exp/Am/Nov/beg) · Women (Exp/Am/Nov) 11:45 · Open 251cc+ (Exp/Am/Nov/beg) 1:15 · Quads (Pro/Exp/Am/Nov/beg) · $2,000 Quad Pro Purse Quads: Dead man switch required. 16 yrs and up. · Sidehacks (All) 2:45 Team Race $3,000 Pro Purse 1 hr. plus 1 Lap · Pro 125cc-200cc · Pro 201cc-250cc · Pro 251cc & up · Pro Over 30 · Pro Over 40 · Amt. Team Race Le Mans Style Start - Live Engine. Details at start line. www.desertvipersmc.com Check back for updates and/or changes to the event information and schedule. ...more events ...more links
  14. BigDeSto53

    New to SoCal...

    I'll be @ Adelanto this weekend.. I-5mx was great on sunday:thumbsup: Give a shout out when you go to Piru/i5 or LACR($35 Memebership).
  15. BigDeSto53

    New to SoCal...

    He needs to add a few and lose a few!