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  1. Macka

    VOR Head Gaskets

    Re the main bearings, mine lasted longer than most, and luckily I noticed the change in the engine note when the bearings started to let go. When I pulled the cases apart the left hand bearing had started to collapse on closer inspection, you could see the pitting on the bearing case. A needle bearing has a much higher load rating as the load is dispersed over a greater surface area. I believe Husaburgs of similar vintage had the same problem, and the factory mod was to run needle roller bearings. Most high performance Jap bikes run Needle Bearings. Unfortunately when I replaced mine I had to use the 6206 bearings you mentioned as I did not realise you could get the Needle bearings to suite. The next time I pull it down I will change to the Needle bearings.
  2. Macka

    VOR Head Gaskets

    Just a quick note from Aus. If you still have the old gasket, there is nothing stopping you from going down to a good engineering shop and making a copy. I know they do this in Australia. The VOR dealer in South Australia SA Dirt Bikes said he had done it in the past. Another useful item is using 98 model Suzuki RM250 fork seals they are the same dimension and have an extra spring, strangely they don't seem to leak like the originals. I have also heard of problems with carburation, my bike had problems from new (second batch 2002 model). The problem was traced to incorrect immulsion tube (needle) and main jet. There was a factory fix in AUS, same spec as 2003 runs much smoother after the mod. The other problem with this model was the main bearings, when replacing use needle roller bearings (radial), available at all good bearing shops for a quarter the price of originals. Dispite the teething problems they are fantastic bikes to ride.