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  1. DTHCoCo

    cr250 kick.

    my 05 250 first kick every time even of old gas 4-5weeks old still fires up, it was a shitorboxor when i first got it new getting was out, now it's great very very unusal if it doesn't kick over first time
  2. DTHCoCo

    Mixing ratio?

    "32:1 rich" "40:1 lean" lol not hard more parts gas the leaner it gets lol 40parts gas to 1 part oil obviously the more parts gas the leaner it gets, 125 use max 40:1.
  3. DTHCoCo

    oil mixture

    2005 CR250R what ratio do u guys recommend mostly trail riding im currently running 50:1 98 octane gas, i had so many isues with my bike when i first got it new, it was a pain in the ass fouling plugs wouldn't start, i changed the main jet and problem left, now that is running perfect what do u reckon 40:1? or continue at 50:1?? thnx guys
  4. DTHCoCo

    my first dirt bike

    no doubt my first post but what the heck, first of all great bike mate take ur time & MAKE SURE U CLEAN UR AIRFILTER AFTER EVERYRIDE very important if u want longevity (valves). i'm a learner too my first bike is 05 CR250R (new one), ihad rode an xr250 for about 10mins and 90cc chineese bike for about 25min max, so i was very limited in skills. i work @ a honda shop in spares so i got mine cheap lol. the crf450 is alot of bike if u find out u can't get use to the power later on get a CRF250 still heaps of power but wont fatigue u no where near as much as the 450. i personally find the 2 stroke is easier to learn on, i've ridden many 450's, power is much of a muchness, 4st are more linear and make lots power down low and tend to hook up better. i only use mine as a bush basher have fun make sure ur protected and remeber to finish first, first u must finish