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  1. bikerben11

    2011 Ktm 250sxf no spark?

    New condensator and she runs. Been a long few days of electrical testing and trying parts from another bike but finally got to the problem.
  2. bikerben11

    2011 Ktm 250sxf no spark?

    Yep grounding the spark plug. Tried a different ECU and still nothing. Heard of a similar problem which turned out to be the condensator, so this is the next thing to try.
  3. bikerben11

    2011 Ktm 250sxf no spark?

    Also, Does anyone know what kind of voltage should be going into the coil?
  4. bikerben11

    2011 Ktm 250sxf no spark?

    Spent all last night checking the earth connections, cleaned and double cleaned all the connectors, checked all the pins and tried to chase around for any broken wires. Spoke to the ktm dealer where i got the bike from, they said they would try the ecu first, followed by the coil. So i am waiting for a friend to drop his ecu in so i can try that. Will keep you updated. Ben #12
  5. Alright guys. Read at least 20 posts on here, tried searching and looked through 64 pages of posts and cant seem to see a similar problem. Ive got a 2011 KTM 250sxf musquin rep, was low hours when i bought it and i have ridden it 4 times. Was out at the track yesterday, did half a lap and it cut out. It bogged as though it was running out of fuel and then a small backfire and cut out and it will not start now. At first i thought it was fuel related, i checked the small inline filter, replaced it even though it was clean and i run a tank sock filter thing. Bike still would not run. It turns out there is no spark. Ive tried different plug caps, different plugs, cleaned and checked every electrical connector, disconnected the kill button and still no joy. I was convinced it was a fuel problem, but no spark has lead me to believe its electrical? When you try and start the bike, the FI indicator light flashes but not enough to get a reading.... Any one out there had a similar problem or any ideas on what to check? Any help would be appriciated. Cheers Ben #12
  6. bikerben11

    Renthal TwinWalls on 2010 YZ

    Ive always run 997 twinwalls on every bike ive owned. When i got my 2010 yzf 450, i rode with the stock bars, then put my 997 twinwalls on and hated the bike, didnt feel stable and i couldnt get it to turn. Last weekend i put the stock pro tapers back on and its like a completely different bike, turns like its on rails and rides amazing.
  7. bikerben11

    parts wanted for 09 kx250f

    alright guys sorry if this is posted in the wrong place just figured more kx250f guys would see if. im after a few parts for my bike, tryin to find used parts really as new are big bucks... ideally after: JD ignition Pro circuit cams Pro circuit valve springs. would consider other parts if there was anything else? cheeers ben #12
  8. bikerben11

    ryan villopoto oil cooler (pro circuit)

    i've been trying to figure out how to pro circuit coolers work. ive got an ex candiae motosports kx250f with a procircuit mount. it has the tabs on the radiator and the holes drilled in the cases but these have been pluged. when i split the motor, inside the 2 holes there is a tapped hole around 8mm and then another passage way drilled between the 2 case horizontally which has been plugged up since the removal of the cooler. it looks almost as if another piece fits inside? ive not been able to get any info from anywhere about refitting the oiler cooler
  9. bikerben11

    Fitting KTM excel-wheels on a rmz250-09?

    if they are the excel pro series wheels with the interchangable disc and sprocket carriers then yes they will fit aslong as you buy the rmz carriers and spacer kit
  10. bikerben11

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    my 09. not quite finished yet, still waiting on a few parts.
  11. bikerben11

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    my 09. not quite finished yet, still waiting on a few parts.
  12. bikerben11

    WP Trax shock - spring?

    alright guys got a Wp trax shock for my 09 rmz450. does this shock run the same spring weight as the one i have on the stock showa shock? also what spring fits? a showa one or a wp ktm one? any help is appriciated thanks ben #12
  13. bikerben11

    rmz250 suspension on a rmz450?

    sweet cheers dude. got the chance of some factory stuff and gettin new springs and valvin its no problem.
  14. bikerben11

    rmz250 suspension on a rmz450?

    alright guys sure this has been covered but my internets been slow and wont load searches on here does the suspension off a 08rmz250 fit onto aa 09 rmz450? cheers
  15. bikerben11

    09 rmz450 hotcams

    hotcam site lists them for the 08/09 as stock im runnin i drd exhaust with the drd mod box. i run a 52 rear sprocket cause alot of the tracks we ride are tightish and im a middle A class rider.