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  1. tonycairoli

    Carbon fiber frame YZF250

    sorry friends, but I'm not Tony. I am italian, I know him very well, I'm one of his supporters (we meet in http://www.tonycairoli.com ) He is really a good boy and incredible fast:he is 21 - he won the MX2 world championship in 2005, was second in 2006 (and won 2006 SX Euro championship), and now is leader after 10 races of 15 Sorry I don't post so much but I always read your posts cause is possible to find very good news for YZF owners (I have one) (and I thought that the carbon YZF was an interesting new for you) thanks! Ciao
  2. tonycairoli

    Carbon fiber frame YZF250

    The rear shock is by Solva - also the forks are Solva (O 49mm) they don't need any TIN - the engine covers are magnesium Exhaust system is LeoVince titanum ciao
  3. tonycairoli

    Carbon fiber frame YZF250

    What you think about this: http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/6846/immagine053vb5.jpg http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/782/immagine054hh2.jpg they are testing and could race soon - it's from italian Team Yamaa De Carli
  4. tonycairoli

    POLL... Head pipe.. wich one do you use??

    I use LeoVince - very good - titanium - more power and torque