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  1. Thanks for the plug We try hard here at we really rely on a lot of word of mouth advertising. Thanks Chad
  2. I think we have a spare 125 swingarm here, we dont sell many of them if you are interested i will check the exact part# and fitment and will sell it just to get RID of it
  3. Kinda wierd using the micro fische if you havent before. I appreciate your business at our site yamahapartsdepot. anything i can do to help just email me. Thanks chad
  4. Hey I sent you a PM on a Yoshimura pipe i have that is brand new, full system. $795 retail, I would take $500 shipped.
  5. Hey you guys put on a good race, I had a great time.
  6. Thanks REd, I did wire it up before i saw your post. will there be a gap under a load? is that why I should wire it up even though it doesnt show any gap. even at wot?,, i just didn't get that part everybody else seems to have a gap It does seem to run better, I changed everything but the leak jet; nobody had one in stock.
  7. My 06 450 doesnt have a gap at WOT,,, or at closed throttle. should i go ahead and safety wire it and then change the leak jet? the diaphram rivet is very short on the YZ i don't think it needs to be grinded down. it has a 55 leak jet stock, what size should i change it too?
  8. hey you should post this topic again!!!
  9. They turn orange right before they ATTACK!!!!
  10. You know i have been debating this, why don't i just buy another set of handlebars instead of handgaurds, you could get your hand caught in a crash and break your arm, they are only to protect the bars and levers and they are the same price as bars. I always have an extra set of levers, whats your opinion of that?
  11. Take it to a dealer who has an EGA machine and knows how to use it, it used to be a required tool for all Yamaha dealers
  12. any time you fall on the throttle side, you should check that the tube didn't get smashed up against the bar , it will make the throttle stick.