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    New owner needs help! Manual, tires and exhaust

    I just bought a 98DR650, and it was missing the owners manual., i'd be happy to even see a scanned copy if anyone knows where to find one. I'm not sure if there is much in the owners manual that is not in the service manual ?? i also did not get the tool kit., it was stolen, too bad the little plastic tool box doesnt have a keyed latch. If anyone can post a list of the items in the stock tool kit i'd appreciate it. i'm sure i can put my own together, i'm just curious what Suzuki feels you need. thanks
  2. Thanksf or the feedback guys. if i get it. "I'll be back"
  3. howdy. I'm looking at a 94 XR650. I'd appreciate some feedback from owners. this bike shows 11k miles. the current short time owner, started riding it, and stripped the shaft with the front sprocket on it., he said the keeper was not on right. or was loose..? He took it to a local mech, and they replaced the shaft, two gears, the sproket, and while in bored it 1 over and put in a new piston. since then he's put about 100 miles on it. anyone ever heard of this happening? He's asking $2k now. there are some scuffs etc, but good tires, nothing broken. starts right up, runs well. to me the rear suspension seems very much too stiff. compared to the front, can anyone tell me can this be related to the air cyl on the rear shock? what is the proper pressure for this ? he doesnt know. being 5 7", its just too tall for me so i was thinking if i can get a couple inches off the seat, and use the kouba link. i'll be ok. any feedback on this bikes repairs, price etc. or other things to look for before buying would be appreciated. TIA !! Clay 90 Concours 88 NX125