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  1. I weigh 220 and I set my race sag at 95mm but I only have about 15 mm of static sag and from everything I have read it sounds like I need a heavier spring can anyone tell me if I really do need a heavier spring ot if I should try adjusting some more? :
  2. I checked it today and it was 90mm I did adjust the rear sring to make it stiffer and I also adjusted the damping in by four clicks and the rebound
  3. I weigh 215 pounds and I find the back of my bike feels like its swaying back and forth should I turn down the spring to stiffen the shock?
  4. I went to my local honda dealer today to get trANNY OIL AND HE GAVE HP4M 10W40 and it says with Moly I thought you should not use oil with moly in the tranny? any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. Can someone tell me how this works and if it would benefit a new rider, I ride a CRF 250R