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  1. xr400dad

    Ktm exc 450 2005 coolant overflow

    Do you need to get a KTM OEM cap or can you get one at an auto parts store ? Does KTM make a 1.2 and 1.8 bar cap ?
  2. xr400dad

    Ktm exc 450 2005 coolant overflow

    Let us know how the new cap works because i have the same problem. I made my own overflow tank with a small aluminum bottle that I zip tied to my radiator. If you want to make one I can put up a picture of mine.
  3. I would recommend ILM (Inside Line Moto) in Orange. 714-639-3900. They specialize in KTM's and I have taken all my bikes there Including my 2007 KTM450exc. Ironicly they are close to the Honda Center.
  4. I probably would have got my butt kicked. Next time bring pelts and fire water for the Chief. I would have told them I am 10% Indian. (don't make send up some smoke signals to get my buddies here). I have read about what some Tribes did to other Tribes before Europeans came here. Pretty bad.
  5. xr400dad

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    I'm in Orange, let me know a couple weeks in advance.
  6. xr400dad

    Make way for clean energy!!!

    With Fienstien setting aside so much wilderness land there is only so much desert left to ride on. The wind and Solar companies want whats left in the desert. It sucks. Went to Cal City to ride over Thanksgiving for the 1st time and saw all these creepy red blinking lights at night. It is really to bad.
  7. xr400dad

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    I just recently got a plated KTM 450 and would love to tag along with someone who knows there way up there.
  8. xr400dad


    There is still cannondaleriders.com. There are less and less people riding them every day. Just parted out an E440 and bought a KTM450. They will be collectors items in a few years.
  9. xr400dad

    what would you value this bike at?

    A few weeks ago I paid $4800 for an 07 KTM450exc plated with 1800 miles in really good shape. It came with lots of aftermarket parts and about 1k in extras. It took me 3 months of looking online at least twice a day. KTM's with a plate in CA carry a high premium. I was specifically looking for a low mileage RFS bike.
  10. xr400dad

    KTM fan and oversized tank. 450exc

    I found out that I have an IMS 2.9 Gallon tank and there is no way it will fit. I still have the original tank but like the bigger one. I put on an overflow bottle so I will try that out to see if I need a fan. Can someone tell me what the symptoms are when the bike is overheating.
  11. xr400dad

    KTM fan and oversized tank. 450exc

    I bought the fan so we will see if it fits.
  12. Will a OEM KTM fan fit with a 3.1 gallon tank ? it looks very tight I was wondering if anyone else had tried it. It is for a 2007 450exc. Found a good deal on a fan today online ($94)25% off.
  13. xr400dad


    My Cannondale has been a great bike since I had the motor rebuilt the right way a few years ago. It is a true sign of the times that I am one of the only people that ride an American made dirt bike.
  14. xr400dad

    Johnson Valley

    This will be gone if the plan goes through.
  15. xr400dad


    Old technology ? I guess EFI on a 2002 bike was old ? My E440 has a 2.6 Gallon gas tank under the seat (for a lower center a gravity). I love mine, I bought it because it was one of the only bikes that was light, liquid cooled, electric start and could be made street legal. If money were no object I would have a TE510 but this is a close second for a 1/3 rd the price. I have everyone checking out my bike when I pull up.