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  1. Very unappealing package for me. I really like Husky products and own 2. Planned to trade the 08' tc450 for the next gen tc450. No way I will own a bike with the BMW engine.
  2. What are the chances in finding a bigger tank for the 2010 yz450? I'd like to use one as an XC type machine.
  3. 2 mx tracks near Montreal. Lots of off road spots 1h00 to 2h00 away. We have a good racing series check out www.fmsq.net
  4. Zip-ty makes one and 7602 makes a better piston and o-ring.
  5. 08' TC450 and a 09' WR125. The wr125 flys through single track, but the TC450 is better in deep sand or on a mx track. Choosing which one to ride is the worst part of owning 2.
  6. Supercross

    In a modern view he is certainly Canadian. But not so long ago Canadians where french. Back then the rest off Canada where English, loyal subjects of the Queen.
  7. OffRoad

    Lappers stuck in the mud up to there seats are the best. I thank them for showing my bad lines.
  8. My dealer preped the carb with the cr125 jetting. So I can't say if it had a stop inside. The little hose that goes to one radiator to the other thru the frame is known to bust in high temp situations. It's a cheap mod and only takes a minute or two. There's not a lot to do on these 125s, skid plate is already there, not much need for a pipe guard, they have the lights for enduro's... I did have it lowered and revalved for rocks 'n' such. But stock worked best in sand and whoops. very good little bike, I keep the pace in vet expert against 250's 300's no problem.
  9. You need to have it jetted to the cr125 specs as a start. The stock wr 125 09' jetting is too lean. Power valve recall, pipe recall for clearance issues (they are just in according to my dealer.) EE radiator guards or OFG. Change the connecting radiator hose on top for some 5/16 high pressure injection hose from your local car parts store. Linkage needs to be greased. Watch the bottom shock bearing, it gets dry pretty fast. Stock gearing is perfect to me. 12 tooth was a bad setup IMO, I would add 2 in the rear for a slower rider. Stock tires are not very good.
  10. One ''big'' paper style you need to change, the other two ''pencils'', are screens you need to clean.
  11. The ktm 2010 300xc is pretty much the same bike as the 08'. Not much is new.
  12. I add fuel at about 1 1/2hrs into the race. We race 2 1/2hrs but you never know when you finish sometimes its close to 3 hrs. No way 09'wr125 can run 2 1/2 hrs at full speed imo. It's not a bad thing if you have someone to help out. You can get a sip of a cold drink, sometimes change your gloves and/or googles...My speed is faster after the pit stop.
  13. I have not checked the valves yet. It starts with one kick and runs great. I'm still new to the 4t thing, always owned 2ts. I will have them checked at around 40hrs. It did need the a jd jet kit. Really opens up the power and gets rid of the ''pop'' and stall. Rekluse is also a nice feature for it. There's a good article in dirt bike online where Scott Summers gives all the little tips on prep for racing 450/510 huskies. http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=FE11D727959B4C2AA7906490B9DED4BD
  14. 34 hrs on my TC450, a couple of races (vet expert), mx and h/s. Feels lighter than a 4t ktm and turns better IMO. Not as light as my 09' wr125 by any mesure I alternate between races depending on the track. Very open, grass track 450, tight technical enduro, wr125. I have yet to buy or need a part that is supplied by husky. Closest one was a clutch line I broke and the dealer sent me an EE that fit perfect. Very reliable bikes.
  15. Stock Suspension is pretty good for mx or sand riding... Not bad off road, a little harsh with some deflection. I'm having mine done this week.