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  1. DoctorDover

    Brushy on the 4th

    Is this Troy from the big bad TLR fame of many years ago ?
  2. DoctorDover

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    lookin good Jay !
  3. DoctorDover

    Cedar Cairn

    they ever get the guy that was making the track better back after all the crazyness happened ? I have heard there had been no maintenance for almost a year now.
  4. DoctorDover

    Motoz tires, just may be da bomb!

    send em back Jason. It worked ok the first 2-3 rides and has started shedding knobs and chunking out BAD. It als deflects off roots bad compared to the dunlop ft. I was running. I went with the tractionator based on GMoss telling me how great his tire was and that this was a new version of his tire and he was ready to rock this tire. Now his story has changed and he is all about some terrapactor. I will stick with the m59 and 403's like Ron. I am slow old and out of shape and the motoz failed to perform or hold up very well. The tire also has just plain felt goofy...
  5. DoctorDover

    2011 300 XC who does the best suspension work?

    FTi does great work....
  6. DoctorDover

    Motoz tires, just may be da bomb!

    I have not been happy with my motoz tire. It handles goofy and doesn't give that great a wear. I will not be running a motoz tire again.
  7. DoctorDover

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    I got the tap for the BRP one. The BRP aren't made of aluminum like most of the others and have a place for a hex key so you don't do some goofy stuff with a long bolt and all. I also have the tap for the emig racing inserts but I don't recommend them as they are aluminum.
  8. DoctorDover

    Shelby motocross?

    you ever take that thing off any sweet jumps ?
  9. DoctorDover

    Short guy, big bike, single track?

    It wasn't the slower handling it was the entire chaisis that worked better. The CC forks and updated rear shock handle infinitely better at speed. I feel my 07 sx handles better in every situation including bar bangin single track and not because the steering is "slow". If your bike is head shakey then you have some suspension issues. My 06 was never head shakey except when the suspension was dorked up. The 06 was more stable but wasn't as easy to go fast on and that seems to be the same thoughts most have.
  10. DoctorDover

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    You gonna put some threaded bar inserts into your bars for the bark busters ????? I and GMoss highly recommend them if you don't already have em ! Those and some bonz or the brp bonz are a hot set up !!!
  11. DoctorDover

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    Jay you are killing me watching you build your bike while mine is on the selling block and probably selling this week..... I will be back in a year or 2 once I get my wife's new car paid for and savings built back up. Just to be safe with that computer you may wanna put a little clear silicone on the back where the battery compartment and wire entry is and slap some clear packing tape over the face of it. Just some tricks I learned after mine got water logged.....
  12. DoctorDover

    Short guy, big bike, single track?

    the 06 chaisis was smaller but I instantly got much faster by going to my new gen frame. Much easier to ride at speed and much more forgiving.
  13. DoctorDover

    Brown Mtn

    you can also get them at the space station on 181. Bummer about the old store in Colletesville that place was cool.
  14. DoctorDover

    Possible stolen yz 250 near Ft. Stewart

    definitely an 05 or newer.
  15. DoctorDover

    Palmetto Motorsports

    why do you hate the tracks ? I broke my leg on the sx track but thought they were fun tracks.