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  1. I have the mega bomb header with the factory 4.1 carbon pipe and it feels crisp and pulls hard but I put in a 280 kit and a cam at the same time so it would hit really hard anyway!!!
  2. my dealer said I can't get a gas cap untell dec.15 or so. everyone else getting one on time?
  3. I just came off a 05 CRF250R and onto a 06 SXF250 and the diffrence is nuts! the SXF is faster, more nimble, and it just feels lighter. But the suspension needs some work like every other SXF rider has been saying. I race, and I need to work on it a lot. So if you want more speed you have to sacrafice suspension. the good thing is you can always change your suspension, it's hard to get 40+ HP out of a CRF!
  4. I race Hare Scrambles and I just bought a 2006 250SXF and the suspension is not setup for trails. and I need info on aftermarket suspension products that would help me out. any web sites or price lists or just lists?
  5. couldn't buy a better bike, I am 6'4 and I talk to 5'6 and above riders and they all love it so it does not matter how tall you are you'll love it to. I have 2 races on it and it hasen't messed up yet.
  6. Do any of you run your 250SXF's idle high? I heard that they are made to idle high. Also do anyone have trouble starting there bikes in gear, cause It starts better now that it is broke in but it won't start in gear. And if anyone ever raced harescrambles than you know why I have to start it in gear. I've tryed spectro4 oil, but that didn't work. I guess ether the springs need to work in better or I have to put in a diffrent clutch. Any answers?
  7. spretman, your problem with your hesitating is your idle screw. just turn it up untell it idles higher then usual, and it should be alright. I had the same problem and that fixed it. thay say that the bike needs to rev higher then most bikes. and the pipe turning blue happens to all of them. It is perfectly normal. If any thang you have a rich bike right now, that is why it is bogging down. hope it helps.
  8. I've also heard that It will stop with more riding so I am riding tonite well got to go ride.
  9. I have a problem starting my 250SXF 06. and I think it has to do with my jetting. My bike is almost brand new. It has about 4-6 hours on it and it won't start easy when it is hot. I normally kick it about 10-20 times before it starts. it does fine when it is running so I think it is my accelarator pump. If you have any info please let me know.
  10. Where can I find the JD Jetting kit web site? I think that can help me. thanks for the help dave.
  11. I have only about 4 hours on my 06 250SXF and when it heats up it's hard to start. I race harescrambles and I'm not sure if I can race this bike. I hear that it should be better when it breaks in better, and I also hear that it might me the getting. the owners mannual said that jetting will greatlly afect the starting behavior of the bike, so does and one have any tips on what I should do about my starting problem?
  12. hay, If it helps, your not the only one having that same problem. I talked to the KTM dealer and he sayed that you have to have an aggresive foot.
  13. I payed 7300 for mine otd in north carolina
  14. go with the 4.1 it gives it at least 4 horsepower. so the mags say.
  15. I've just come off of a 05 CRF250R and now I have a SXF250 06 and I'd hate to see you screw up and get a honda!