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    What tires

    I am new to the dual sport game and wondering what would be a good tire to run on my KLX 400S. I am looking for a 60/40 or so tire as I ride on the street mostly and dont do much off roading. Also I like a bigger tire like the 140s and most street ones dont come in this size???
  2. Thanks a bunch, Im used to holleys and this is new to me. I just got it back together and its running good so far, though I havent gotten in a good road and track test just down the road a piece. Also when putting back together I found the source of oil that was leaking onto my exhaust, the PVC canisteror overflow has a hairline crack in it. I called the dealer and this was (get this) $155.00 so I guess I'll be bypassing this. Whats your thoughts on this and whats the best way to do this???
  3. Call me stupid, but when installing my DJ kit I see that by the diagram for the carb that it has two main jets??? One that sticks up on a longer tube and one thats lower attached to the main body. One is a 142.5 and the other is a 62.5 and they both say main jet. KLX 400S Mikuni
  4. Sorry to be a bother, but again new to the game and with the Kawasaki this is being a pain with the local cycle shop. My bike is the dual purpose "SR" model and since the kit didnt come with the recomended main and pilot I will have to order them. Do you have the part numbers for these items, the 138 main and the 25 pilot to make sure that Im getting the correct parts. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks a bunch and again great website! In the pack it doesnt contain a pilot jet, where would you get one of these??
  6. Hi everyone, Im new to the site and glad that I found it. I just purchased a used but excellent condition 03 KLX 400S. Since getting the bike I have opened the air box with the 3X3 mod and drilled the stock exhaust. (and I mean drilled it completly out all the way to the first perferated plate. Extremly louder and better running than stock. Any way I just got my DynaJet kit inthe mail today that I ordered from TT. I am at about 2000ft elevation and needed some advice on jetting to get it right the first time... Thanks