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  1. Chrism

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    Try making sure the wheel spins freely after bearing install . You will have to remove chain to do this.
  2. Chrism

    DR 650 Rear shock

    Thanks I'll do that
  3. Chrism

    DR 650 Rear shock

    Thanks for your input as my riding is 99.9% on the road I will probably just do the rebuild
  4. Chrism

    DR 650 Rear shock

    Hi can anyone recommend a good cost effective rear shock for a DR650 or should I just get mine rebuilt Tx Chris
  5. Chrism

    help me make a decision

    I have both a DRZ400E dual sport same engine as SM and a Husky 450SMR and the Husky will eat the DR up no problem. Chris PS Can anyone recommend any decent mirors?
  6. OK Put me down for a set. black please. Chris meechris@hotmail.com
  7. Chrism

    who rides with no mirrors?

    Can you send me a link to those madd mirrors by wcs I'd like to take a look at em. Chris meechris@hotmail.com
  8. Chrism

    DRZ wont start after service

    I'd say if the bike has been standing for more than a couple of months the pilot jet is gummed up thats why it wont start.
  9. Chrism

    Spidi Netrics Jacket

    Can anyone give me any input on the above Spidi Netrics Jacket as is on sale at Cycle Gear for $120. Thanks, Chris
  10. Chrism

    Valve Check

    Does anyone know the specs for the vavle clearences on a 2000 DR650. I have heard you should use 2 feeler gauges when performing this operation. Chris
  11. Chrism

    '05 650 valve adjustment

    So what are the valve clearences for an 05 and are they the same for an 02. Thanks, Chris