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  1. Trying to get their email or phone # I have Ricardo's card from the last trip but no response. Thank's! Brett
  2. brett20

    O-ring chain hitting lower chain guide!

    it is not unusual to replace the master link clip, usually twice in the life of the chain. you should always have a spare on hand, the are very inexpensive. Often the stock aluminium guides get bent in (rocks, stumps) then rub the chain and wear faster. I run the TM design guides that don't bend but you will still get some chain clip wear. You can also get a peenable link(non-clip style) then never worry also when your looking at the chain guide check the lower swing arm I've had the stock one wear out before the top.
  3. Any one done this? Cylinders are all the same
  4. Love my Rekluse in My 06' YZ250f woods weapon (will never own a trail bike again without one if at all possible) but took it out of my 06' YZ450 Supermoto Bike, just useing the clucth to back it in while draging the rear brake a bit, to much wheel hop and if you drop RPM mid corner in a slide I didn't have a safe feel ie:is it in gear? how hard am I going ove r the handle bars when it comes back in, works good with a big dirt section though, stomp the brake and pitch her in with having to worry about stalling SupermotoUSANW #2 plate
  5. brett20

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    Your dealer sucks all ours go out with everything done but the grey wire my 03 SM set-up will pull with a crf450/ktm 525 all day when shopping try to talk to someone with some basic knowledge of the bikes, not just the best price-you save some headaches in the future
  6. brett20

    4+ gallon tank for a WR450?

    Nothing from Acerbis, Clark or IMS Going to Baja Oct 1st