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    New bike with bad high speed sway

    Besides checking the race sag, Loosen all the front axle bolts and make sure their is no static friction and the forks move up and down with out binding.of coarse re-tighten bolts. Then check the greese on the triple tree steering stem and re-torque to spec,and re-tighten after a good days ride! Most production bikes get shipped without the proper amount of grease. If you feel real good that day do your swingarm also, its another point that gets very little grease during assembly. Tire pressure will vary from rider to rider, I run mine low around 25psi (F) and 26psi ® Also dont forget you rear shock has a high speed setting. Most of the "Wobble" your feeling is air slamming you in the chest along with a "white knuckle death grip" on the bars, relax your hold slightly. or just take one hand off the bar and watch the wobble disappear. Jim
  2. MotardJim


    There is a post in here about 400sm lowering that you should read. Jim
  3. MotardJim

    Dont understand the point of supermoto

    Maybe someone should go onto Cycleforums and put a post " Standards/sportbikes I don't get um' " Reply: "I got mine so I could fly past all the Motard guys on the straights!" Hehehehe All in good fun
  4. MotardJim

    Dont understand the point of supermoto

    Becuse, Nothing like beating up on sportbikes on some real bumpy technical roads. Yes, sportbikes will blow right back by on a straight, but its nice too be able to go right back by when it counts. Or turning inside of your buddy's changing roads and Backing it into a corner just to wheelie off the apex. It keeps them modest and shows the who the boss is! On the otherside of the coin, its also alot of fun to race on pavement and dirt on the same day at the same track...! Jim
  5. MotardJim

    just over the limit ( horror pics inside)

    Just to make you feel better, I tossed away a 1998 GSXR 750 at approx: 140 mph two years ago at Jennings Florida. I was very lucky and recieved only minor bodily damage. The bike how ever was shot on the spot to put it out of its missary! it barrled rolled then when end over end. Bent the frame, broken fork tubes, bent swingarm, ripped the sub-frame and dump can and computer with wire harness off the back of the bike, put flat spots on both sides of both rims, tore the race skins off the entire bike, busted one clip-on off and wrapped the other against the frame, ruptured the fuel tank, and repositioned the high pipe to an awkward and funny angle. Good thing the motor was worn out!
  6. MotardJim

    drz400sm owner club new member

    I'm a new owner too! Bought the yellow one! What is the 3x3 mod? I've tried looking through old post's everyone seems to mention doing it but not what it is. Sorry for being a pain here. Jim
  7. MotardJim

    DRZ400SM Lowering

    I just pick mine up two weeks ago and was searching the same problem, I went trough all the same things and found it not to be fork position, tire pressure, ride height,ect... But it relates to the wind slamming you in the chest and having both hands on the bars. Try riding again and when you feel the wobble take your non trottle hand off the bars and place it behind your back or reach down and grab the side of the tank. Your wobble problem will disappear. I bet if we just asked a dirt tracker why they did it it would be the same reason. Jim