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  1. Dirt bike chick

    valve clearances for gas gas

    yeah i found the manual on the net and downloaded it last night...cheers though!
  2. Dirt bike chick

    valve clearances for gas gas

    hey crew can someone please help a girl out...can some one please tell me what the valve clearances are for a gas gas 450 '05 model. Cheers.
  3. Dirt bike chick

    '05 CRF250 the problems just continue..

    it seems that the 2005 CRF250 (which is plated 04) seems to be natorious for having valve problems. I, as well as many of my friends, have recently had valve problems..has any one else had this problem? I think it may be a manufacturing problem with the bike and that it should be recalled! A properly made enduro bike should not be having valve problems after only 500kms. A frind of mine that races enduros, put aluminium (i think?) valves in his bike and has had no problems, however the +$1000 price that goes with doing that is not a luxury i can afford! I also received a spares kit, which had a spare headlight etc, which i can't even use as the conections are different. The rear light in the mud guard doesn't work! All in all i have come to the realisation that the new strand of Honda off road bikes are crap and i'll be purchasing the new KTM 250 (4 stroke) when its released in 2006 in the road reg version! As for the new CRF450 which is apparently 'one hell of a bike' isn't much chop either. Roumour has it before you even walk out of the shop you should get a pipe put on it, unless you want to be over taken by your nanna in her motorised wheel chair! As for the 'team moto' that is sweeping Australia...lets not get started on their customer service or should i say lack of?! I have writen many letters to Honda, voiceing my oppinion, but have had no reply! I urge if you have also experience similar problems with your bike, write them a letter and perhaps they will do something about them. Has anyone else had these probs?
  4. Dirt bike chick

    Oil/oil filter change and need manual..?

    Hey guys i have currently purchased a CRF250X (05 model) and have lost the book! i'm due for an oil and oil filter change and was wondering...how much oil to use, and where drain plugs are and also to change the filter. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Also i have been looking for a downloadable version of the CRF250 repair service shop manual book, does anyone have a copy or know where i can dowload one from? I just dont have the $$ at the mo to purchase the book and heard that there are coppies on the net...so if you could help a girl out that would be tops. Cheers all.