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    Weight loss on DRZ SM - can it be lighter?

    Searching for "kick" brought up allot of good results http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=283325&parentpage=2&highlight=kick
  2. I'm about to pick up a DRZ-400sm I really want the Husky SMR450(well I don't want the husky, I want a crf450 motard that is street legal) After reading the last 20 pages of post, I have learned that with abotu $1400 in mods I can make the kind of power I want. Just wondering if I can get the weight of the bike down. Convert to kickstart? What else can be done to lighten these bikes? Remove passenger pegs. Noticed the Ti axles but that seems a bit $$$ Thanks everyone and sorry if this has been discussed before.. couldn't find it