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    Riding!!!, working on motorcycles, welding, watching my two kids grow up.
  1. Michigan

    I was wondering if anyone has rode the little o in the past couple of weeks and how is it? I plan on going up there with family and was wondering if the tin cup might be a better choice, I have not rode that area in years.
  2. Michigan

    I haven't rode with anyone this year, so I haven't had to much contact with anyone to see if they would be up for Mio/hunt creek ride. If a couple people would be into it, I would run it past the wife.
  3. Michigan

    I once rode with a couple of guys out of Hell area and we ripped back roads to this open area that had a service drive, some hills, and even had a oil pumper, the local kids rode there, I wish I could remember where that was! Well, if the sun comes out on a Sunday I'm going to rip on some back roads before the snow flys.
  4. Michigan

    I wish my kids didn't have a sporting event every weekend and I didn't put on this extra 40 pounds from drinking beer, I'd come up there and beat up on your in the trails. There used to be a couple of local guys on here to rip on the back roads., I guess I will have to wait to hook up with Dan and his crew in the Spring. Thank you for the club info, I really should be more active in organized riding events, much safer.
  5. Michigan

    Is there anyone near the Ann Arbor area that rides Dual sport?
  6. Michigan

    I like Leota, you can't beat the northwest section and it's marked well. I hope to ride there in the fall before the kids go back to school.
  7. Wisconsin

    I would watch craigslist in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, also ebay has a local classifieds listing, I would also check that. If you posted a picture here we could keep a eye out for it in Michigan, I'm sorry you lost you pig, I loved the couple I owned over the years; I hope you find it.
  8. It sounds like you guys had a good time, had to work Saturday morning, hopefully make the next one if you guys go out again.
  9. Michigan

    Does anyone use baby powder to get the tube in the tire, I was told it's the "easy way" to get the tube in without soap, I just had a big a$$ mess and went right back to the soap.
  10. Michigan

    If I don't use the extra heavy tubes I always pinch the front putting the front tire on.
  11. Michigan

    I had my bikes confused :blush:bridgestone s11 dual compound tires are on my v65 magna. I have bridgestone m101's, M102's on the dirtbike. I just had to jump into the thread,.
  12. Michigan

    Michelin S12's is the ones I like the most, they have very, very good hook up for Michigan's sand, but seem to chunk fast on the rocky trails. So I'm running Bridgestone dual compound tires now and they are nice,but not like the S12's.
  13. I'm not able to get the e-mail link to work and I would like to give my opinions to the forest planner, has anyone been able to use it? I like riding in that area from time to time and would hate to lose it.
  14. Michigan

    Well murrays in now O'reilly's and they have one and open at 9:00 a.m.
  15. Michigan

    I rented a automotive one for my xr650r from murrays in Ann Arbor and it worked fine, it was a free rental.