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  1. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    I need a carb for a 2003 XR 250R, I was thinking one of you guys that upgraded to a pumper might have the stock on laying around. Any out there?
  2. MegaCrash

    Sparkplug Threads - gone

    The threads are gone in the head of the XR250 I’m working on. Is there a Heli-Coil type of kit to fix this? The plug is a 10 – 1.0 thread.
  3. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    Nope, Couple years ago i crashed my 300exc bad enough for 3 surgeries (and counting) plus 5 months off work. Dam near lost my leg. Daniel did nearly the same thing to his elbow as i did to my Knee on that one. They put it back together though, hell be OK.
  4. MegaCrash

    XR250R more Power?

    A Buddy of mine is going to do the machine work on the jug, what will it need to be bored out to for the 280 piston?
  5. MegaCrash

    XR250R more Power?

    I need suggestions on a rebuild. http://s222.photobucket.com/albums/dd28/MegaCrash101/ It's going to get a fresh piston and rings, are there compression options? Is it worth the extra money to go with a big bore sleeve?
  6. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    Not sure on the piston size, I'd love to give the bike more zip but want to keep the cost down. Is 290 the biggest bore with stock sleeve? Probably go with that. Ya, my garage is a total mess. I'm one of those guys that function best surrounded by chaos.
  7. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    Donny, it's official - your bike is a basket case http://s222.photobucket.com/albums/dd28/MegaCrash101/ The piston fell out of the jug with zero tention for the rings, but it looks decent. Way better then i expected.
  8. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    But why doesn't it smoke until its hot, seams like the blowby would be worse when cold, Oh i get it, its because the oil IS hot. There is probably just as much blowby when its cold, but you really don't notice it till the oil gets hot enough. Thanks Creeky
  9. MegaCrash

    Tired xr250r - burning oil when hot

    It's a 2001. I'll get some pics of it tonight, i'm realy wondering what kind of shape the rings-piston-jug are in. I'd like to keep the cost of replacement parts as low as possible, just want to fix the broken things.
  10. I'm going through my brothers bike because it had ugly valve train sounds, was burning oil and was nearly impossible to start. So far i found the valves way out of adjustment (cam 2 teeth off time), the carb full of varnish and the timing chain tensioner half missing. I have not pulled the jug yet but I'm expecting UGLY. I'm going to replace the tensioner and chain, have the head redone and give her a fresh piston and rings. One weird thing, before tare down it developed a fairly bad oil burn problem, but only after it warmed up. It was fine for 2-3 minutes and then started blowing Smokey oil out the crankcase vent. What is this most likely from?
  11. MegaCrash

    WR400 tank options?

    My riding buddy had a bad crash and ended up with a cracked fuel tank. I see IMS makes a 4 gallon tank, but is that to big, would it be wider then the stocker? He needs a replacement and I was wondering what you guys would recommend