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  1. It has been awhile, but it I remember right, the main areas that needed the most trimming were the upper and lower portions of the rear of the graphic. I would say about the first 1/3 fits on just fine, then the rest needs minor trimming since the UFO panel is smaller thanks to no bulge. I put the full graphic on (with some application spray) and just slid it around until I liked it, then trimmed the excess off.
  2. When I ordered graphics they were for the oem side panel (duals), however, with just some minor trimming, the graphic fit just fine on the single UFO panel.
  3. Here is an 08 250 SX I recently redid, sorry about the before, it was the only picture I had of it.
  4. I just recently sold an 08 SX 250 for $3k and it was in similar condition to yours.
  5. Get a service manual, the process is explained in detail, plus it is an excellent thing to have on hand if you wrench on your bike.
  6. Tennessee

    I have heard about that place, but never been. Looks like fun though. Get well soon, I had shoulder surgery back in December and know how bad sitting around not being able to do anything sucks.
  7. Tennessee

    Chattanooga here as well, been riding at a small track in the Hixson area as well as WMMX in Sweetwater. Really hoping Darrel opens Chatt MX back up soon.
  8. That place looks pretty nice, I need to check it out sometime.
  9. Finally almost back together. Just need to put on airbox graphics, bleed the brakes & hydro-clutch, fill with coolant, and bolt a couple more things on. Can't wait to test this thing out!
  10. Thanks, I will do just that.
  11. Just getting around to putting this thing back together and am wondering what goes in this empty hole by the coil? Bike is an 08 as 250. I cannot remember what went there and cannot find it in the manual. Is it just the loose wire?
  12. Found a really good welder to fill in the spot and then just sanded it down.
  13. Been busy and haven't got to work on the bike in a while, but I got the frame back from being powedercoated and have been cleaning up parts as well as ordering new stuff. Attached is a picture of the frame now and one of the huge dent that was in it too. I will try and take some more photos soon and start reassembling.
  14. Hey guys, just bought this 08 250 SX from a friend for $500. It definitely needs some work, but luckily everything is there. Engine was rebuilt by the previous owner (before my friend purchased it), but I will be checking it anyway. I will be posting progress as I go, unfortunately no tear down pics as I was too excited and tore the whole thing down without taking any. Never owned or worked on a KTM before so is there anything I need to be aware of before tearing into the engine or suspension?
  15. I have a code that is expiring soon ( Aug 28 ), here it is for whom might need it it8583810.