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  1. Linesy

    pictures of ktm250sxf

    You can't Glenncol, It is my own design. I have sent you a PM. Cheers Linesy
  2. Linesy

    pictures of ktm250sxf

    Here's my 07 SXF
  3. Has anyone used any other needles in the TTR50 other than the one in the GYTR kit? The reason i ask is that i have put a new main (65 also have a 67.5) in after opening up the airbox & removing the S/A. The stock needle (4DL22) is not adjustable so would like to change it, however it is gunna cost $75 to get the kit just to use the needle! Pilot is still 12.5. An alternative may be another Mikuni needle that is similar to the GYTR one, however I do not know what it is. Cheers Linesy
  4. Linesy

    Ttr50 Aftermarket Exhaust

    Take out the Air box snorkel or drill a couple of 3/4" holes in the top. I have done this on my wee blokes bike & cut off the S/A in the std pipe. The std jetting has been fine, plug runs a very nice tan colour. If the pipe is way better than stock you may need to go up on the main a little or perhaps get the GYTR jet kit. But I'd try it first. I believe the stock needles a not adjustable ( I haven't looked). Cheers Linesy
  5. Linesy

    Broke Tap Inside *&^%$$ Kickstart Bolt.

    This happened to me too, I didn't break a tap but the easy-out I was using. I ended up using a Karat drill. They are a multi purpose drill, suitable for masonary, steel etc. They have a coated insert tip on the end, other than that like a normal drill. Good for drilling hard steel; just like a tap. Just be careful to get it centred.
  6. Linesy

    ktm 450 coolant everywhere

    I have the same issue with my 250sxf. I ordered a new cap hopefully that works. I have checked the head gasket with a cooling system pressure teater & it was all good.
  7. Linesy

    Computers which one?

    Hate to say it Maverick but your wrong. Have had mine on my bike for over two years. Broke the sensor off once, only because of my half hearted mounting. Once I fixed it with another reed switch & mounted it properly I have had no trouble at all. I can bugger a $200 computer as easily as a $20 job. Linesy.
  8. Linesy

    Case savers for KLX250S

    Check out my garage, I have been making these for the 300. Don't see why they wouldn't fit the 250, after all it is the same bike. I have sold a few sets to members here, PM me if interested. Cheers Linesy
  9. Linesy

    klx300, good beginner bike?

    The KLX is a great beginners bike & one that can grow with you. I still have mine, though I am looking at stepping up to a KLX450 soon. My 300 has evolved with me, it now has Dynojet, New muffler & header, KX forks etc. Still has enough grunt to wake me up every now & then. As far as the seat height goes, you'll have no issues. I am a similar height to you. I have actually raised mine a little at the back to match the KX forks & still have no dramas starting the old girl. You'll love it. Linesy
  10. Linesy

    Shift star mod

    You can get them, I managed to get mine out, I think I used a universal joint on the end of an extension. You may be able to get a spanner in from the back. The rod diameter is 8mm from memory with a 3mm hole up the guts for the spring. You will notice a difference when it is done.
  11. Linesy

    Computers which one?

    I just use one off a push bike, Cost me about $20 NZD & works a treat.
  12. Linesy

    I am an Idiot!

    learn from it & buy some smaller gear so it doesn't happen again.
  13. Linesy

    Put Michellin S12 on and man what a difference

    Interesting, may be I should try a few of the tyre shops here. I run a Dunlop 756. Must say I have been very impressed with it. Linesy.
  14. Linesy

    KX Forks Rock!!!

    Finally I get around to posting the results of my fork conversion. ('99 KX125) All I can say is, What a difference!!! I rebuilt them with new bushings & seals. Used the std KX springs,oil height at 130MM. The bike now sits in ruts much better,doesn't deflect as much & did not knacker my arms like the old forks did. It took a bit of work, new axle,new wheelspacer & Modded stem but worth every bit. I also made new dogbones to bring the back up to match the height of the front. The whole conversion worked out to be about $350 NZD. (no machining costs for me though). Springs alone would have cost me well over 1/2 of that. I still have to change the brake line to a CR type. If anyone need advice on the conversion I will help where I can. Cheers Linesy
  15. Linesy

    KLX300 dogbones

    I finally got everything fitted up & had the bike out a couple of weeks ago. The dogbones bought the back up about 15MM (5/8"), not as much as my KX forks but I can drop them thru the clamps a bit yet. Well worth the effort in my opinion. Linesy.