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  1. DR NEMO

    sprockets "n" tires

    thanx guys,, I will be looking into all of this.. we went out for a ride yesterday here in southern ontario....whew!! what a workout with those stock tires in the wet muddy conditions, knobbies are a must.... and hopefully the sprocket change will help too.. thanx again...
  2. DR NEMO

    sprockets "n" tires

    I have a 2000 Dr 650 and looking to go to a much more aggressive tire, and wider too, like an 80-20, dirt-street,, and I need a new chain and sprockets and looking to raise my rpm's while single tracking and bush whacking so I am not stalling the motor out or slipping my clutch so much,, street riding just gets me to the trails, so top speed of 60 mph would be fine.. would love to hear your ideas, this is such a wealth of information on this site...thnx..
  3. DR NEMO

    Places to ride in Southern Ontario?

    Yeah I Just Posted The Same Question... I Am In The Niagara Region And My Friend And I Have Located Quite A Few Trails In The St Catherines Area,, Qhich Is A Lot Closer Than What You Will Findon Those Odsc Sites... We Also Just Did A Trail Along The Welland Canal From 20 Hwy In Willand Down To Port Colbourne,,, Lots Of Little Trails Off The Main One There...what Are You Riding.?? Get Back To Me, I'm On A Dr 650 And My Buddy Is On A Klr 250...
  4. DR NEMO


    Southern Ontario Here, Niagara Region, Looking For More Riders And Locations To Ride....
  5. DR NEMO

    Is there enduro racing in ontario?

  6. DR NEMO

    Yay Canada

    right back at ya....