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  1. Thanks 1oldx...appreciate the link I'll look 'em up!!
  2. Thanks Ride; I'll take a look!!
  3. Anyone around Bellingham, WA? I have a plated DRZ 400 E for offroad, meaning not an SM Places to ride up here? Although we've lived here many years did not have a bike in the NW until last June. Have been working and riding in CA for the last 2 plus years and flying home to visit the family every month so not familiar with places we can ride. And of course now we're coming into winter.... Thanks and would love to hear from fellow riders in the area!!
  4. Thanks Goebz...too bad, looked like a nice rack fro the DRZ
  5. Does anyone know what happened to the Tonn's rack manufacturer? I have tried their website and nothing..... I like the Panaman rack for the DRZ Thanks...
  6. Thanks guys...add me to that waterfall list too!! And you guys are right, but sometimes it's soooo hard to think of giving it a blip of throttle but I know it's the same as on the flat...like Sonobob says....if you stop, you drop
  7. Thanks DG, that was a good article...I can ride down these things but darn, I know it's 90% mental and just have to keep trying all the ways!! Thanks again for the link, it was very helpful!
  8. Wow, thanks black and blue thumper...it's worth a try...I can only fall down right...LOL!! Yep, it goes against what you think and feel, but I get tired of that front end feeling of washing out and the sliding rear tire at times! I live in Fresno.....
  9. Thanks Guys...you're right it can be scary..I will try and get back even farther on or off the seat!! I'm riding a 2001 DRZ 400E dual sported. Thanks again guys! Ride safe!!
  10. I ride in the Sierra's and deserts out here in CA and we always end up having to get down some really steep loose rock slopes....I get down them, but I'm sure it's not very pretty and am sure I'm on someone's silliest home videos giving them a good laugh! I always try a combination of front and rear brake, but whew, some of this is crazy!! I'm thinking about dropping my front sproket from a 14 to 13 or 12 and see if this will help slow things down...any suggestions?? Thanks!!
  11. Any suggestions on an exhaust pipe for my son's TTR 90. I've seen GYTR pipes on Ebay as well as BBR pipes. I can get a used one for about $100 on Ebay at Ebay TTR90 BBR Pipe Is this worth looking at? Thanks
  12. Thanks to everyone....I couldn't find anything...thanks alot
  13. I Need To Replace A Cracked Plastic (stock) Rear Disc Guard On A 2001 Drz 400e. I Would Really Like A Shark Fin Type Or At Least Not A Bolt Through The Axle Type Of Guard. Anyone Know Of Something Being Made...i Have Looked At Every Manufacturer. Thanks For Your Help......
  14. Thanks guys for your help...think I will give it a try this evening!! Thanks again, ride safe... George
  15. Hi Guy's, Can someone tell how easy it is to adjust the chain and the process involved? Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but couldn't find a quick reply!! 2001 DRZ 400E Street legal. Also, I asume the bike hs to be on a center stand with the rear wheel off the ground?? Thank you for your thoughts and help! George Fresno, CA