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  1. Guts

    Anybody goin to broome

    I didn't like this year's Unadilla national as much as last year's. The atmosphere seemed different. In any case Broome was awesome last year. I will be there Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Guts

    '05/06 RM250 questions...

    Why can't you keep the CRF and get the new bike as well?
  3. Guts

    Unadilla Today 7/06

    Whoops, I put this in the wrong place.
  4. I took a some photos of practice today at Unadilla. Enjoy Chad Reed fly-by http://media.putfile.com/MOV00225-32 Pics: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19520565756.jpg&s=f10 The Reed Steed: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19521052015.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19521034135.jpg&s=f10 Davi Milsaps covered with Mud: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19521034135.jpg&s=f10 James Stewart: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19521000991.jpg&s=f10 CR, DV and Nick Wey: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19520565756.jpg&s=f10
  5. Guts

    2005 Kx

    It's great to comeback to outdated steel frames and an already outdated suspension set-up...I'm still waiting for a twin spar, aluminum framed KX125/250 with up to date Showa suspension ...Too bad it'll never happen.
  6. Unadilla is about 45 min/1 hour from my house. This area of the country has a lot of rocks. I've been to the Unadilla track many times and it's a great track. They have a separate track (U2) for ametuer races though. It's a great track I think plus being that it's so close by is an added benefit. I found a new route to get there this year so hopefully I can about the 2 wait to get out of the parking lot and to a mojor highway that usually follows a Pro National.
  7. Guts

    What do they make?? $$$

    I wouldn't say Motocross is a "life threatening" sport, considering the very few motocross deaths that have actually occured. It's definitely dangerous though.
  8. Guts

    05/06 RM 125 top speed-again

    Dirt bikes aren't really designed for top speed. They are designed to accelerate quickly.
  9. Guts

    street legal a yz125?

    It won't pass the emission requirements for one, and you can't run a 2-stroke MXer at a steady throttle position for very long or it will seize. You don't want an engine seizure to occur when you're going down the highway at 55.
  10. Guts

    2 or 4 stroke

    This is the most intelligent post in this thread. 2-strokes are the dinosaurs of the motorcycle world. If you want to be competative you're gonna have to get a 4-stroke. Only the 4-strokes are getting all the latest bells&whistles, not to mention the bigger engine. Where is by twin spar, aluminum framed KX125, Kawasaki? 2-strokes are the unfotunate victims of politics and marketing. Just do yourself a favor and get the 4-stroke cause you're gonna go Thumper sooner or later. Long live the 2-stroke!
  11. What kind of bike are you on? It sounds like a 2-stroke almost.
  12. He threw a rod I think. It wasn't exactly a preventable mistake on his part.
  13. Don't be so sure of that buddy. What do you need all of that torque for anyway? I'll bet you barely even use half of it. I'd rather be riding my bike then kicking furiously on the side of the track trying to get the damn thing started.
  14. Guts

    KX500 or 450?

    Imagine if they had kept the R&D up on the 500's all these years. Yowza!
  15. Carmichael was a good 17 seconds up on Stewart in the second moto and would've won the first moto had he not crashes. RC was just faster than Bubba today. I just got back form Southwick I didn't even know Bubba crashed.