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  1. richard678bikes

    Wobbly Rocker Camshaft

    Sorry, Bike is an 03 XR650R with 7000kms on clock. Problem is that the Inlet Rocker Arm Shaft is moving with the Rocker Arms, making a rattling noise. It gets worse when the engine oil is warm.
  2. richard678bikes

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    Depends what you're gunna use it fer! The 'R' is a rip snortin, bad mutha which will fook your world. Complete bollox in the mud and hilarious on dry trails. Fragile and can empty your pockets. The 'L' is a mud pluggin plodder, simple but effective. I recommend the 'R' and grin all the way to the A&E.
  3. richard678bikes

    Wobbly Rocker Camshaft

    undefinedHi BRP riders. What causes the Rocker Camshafts to wobble? Have read the relevant chapters of the Workshop guide and it's still not clear. Help!!