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  1. I this one broke around the oil drain bolt. Looks like it was hit by something.
  2. Thank you, one more question. The yamaha owners manuals I have had in the past (02 426) went though a complete teardown of the motor. Is that still the case or do they now have a separate service manual? Thanks, Cy
  3. Thank you todds924, I suspected as much but hoped it wasn't true. tnl, which is harder, replying with a quick answer or replying to tell me to search? Cy PS I did search through about 5 pages about crankcase problems without finding the answer. Only questions about welding cracked cases.
  4. Have an 06 with a cracked right case. For some reason you have to buy the set of left and right from all the places I have checked. Why? Are they machined to match? Could I get a used right off ebay and use it with my good left side? Thanks, Cy
  5. I recently bought me a CRF250 and love it... I go to the track with my hubby but I feel soooo slow. How can I up my speed gradually? Mostly the corners. I tend to slow way down before I get there. Are there some good pointers on how to go faster? It's probably just getting brave enough... But I would like some input. Thanks
  6. Just north of Temecula in SoCal Cy
  7. My wife wants to tame her R down just a bit by adding a heavier flywheel. Thought maybe someone here would want to go the other way with their X and work out a swap? Cy
  8. Saw Ernesto today. Surgery went well. There have been some good signs, but he has a very long road ahead. It is still not clear the extent of spinal damage and probably wont be clear for a good deal of time. Keep praying for him. Cy
  9. Not true. Cy
  10. Doctors have been performing surgery since this morning. We will get a call when he is out. The fact they are doing surgery is a good sign. A neck donut would have done nothing for Ernesto. Cy
  11. I didnt know him until Tuesday. We were called in to apply the Halo. Cy
  12. I am sure he would appreciate your positive outlook, but it is the spinal cord damage that is the issue here not the C7 fracture itself. The big problem comes when there is movent in the vertebral column, pinching, bending or cutting the spinal cord. Your injury may have been very different from his. I am not allowed to comment on his condition, but I will see him again tomorrow afternoon and can pass along any well-wishes anyone may wish to send. Cy
  13. Thank you. I used to come to this site alot when I rode a DRZ400 and then my YZ426F. I am an orange man now so ktmtalk is my home now, but I still drop by on occasion. I enjoy reading the knee brace testimonials, how they saved a knee, a marriage, a whale, helped someone stop smoking. It is good stuff. Cy
  14. What you are exeperiancing is not knee protection, rather unloading of damaged cartilage. Knee braces can be effective in pain relief from OA or articulating surface damage, do not, however, confuse that with protection. Cy
  15. What did they repair and what was left unrepaired? In other words, what instability(s) are you bracing, are you unloading a damaged side of the tibia? What type of ACL reconstruction was performed (if one was done)? Cy