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  1. well last night i found out my buddie is selling his 04 yzf250f with dr. d full exhuast, uni air filter, jet kit, zip ty fuel screw, new pro-tapers, and a bunch of other stuff for 4000 so im just going to get that one. its in awesome shape to. i would love to have a honda but there is no since in getting a new one when the 04 comes with everything all ready on it.
  2. okay i think i have my predator sold. but i live in missouri and they want like 6,100 for a new 05 so im goin to tennesee to get one. most likely from abernathy in union city but what i would like to know is if i buy it from there or from southern honda do i have to pay a sells tax to bring it back to missouri?
  3. i was told at my local shop not to use gas on uni or k&n style filters but to use dawn dishwashing liquid and water. but i dont use gas anymore and only that and it works fine.
  4. thanxs im going to get the r. and im trying to sell the predator now.
  5. also i was looking at pipes and will probably buy the big run r version for like 510 but how much are chm pipes and everythign thanxs alot
  6. okay then....i was told to buy radiator guards and a reuseable oil filter before i bought a pipe. well i looked for the guards and couldnt find any so that would help me if u guys could show me sum and i probably will buy some tag t2's from rockymountain.
  7. are they like fat bars by renthal or just regular ones with the cross bar.
  8. well theres are about 5000 dollars and gas would be about 100 or so to go down there so i think i can pull that. i will probably just buy one from southern honda. thanxs alot guys and im going to get the r and another question does the r's come with renthal bars.
  9. okay thanxs alot but i need to sell my predator first and then i can go pick up the r...i dont think it should be hard to sell most of the people around here ride fourwheelers in the winter and winter is coming.
  10. that is what im thinking.....
  11. okay i have a polaris predator right now and i am going to sell it to get a dirtbike. i am a pretty heafty guy and im going to get a 250 fourstroke. so i was thinking and went and looked at them today and there is a 300 dollar differecne in these 2 models. all of my buddies have moto cross tracks so that is mostly what i will be doing. and the guy at the dealer said there is no diff. in the bikes except the gears and the x had wide gears but could still be used on a motocross track and that the r was made for motocross. But i love the ele. start and its 300 bucks cheaper but i appsoulutely hate the light on the front, but i can put a plate there cant i? But is ther really a diff. in these bikes i mean there is only a 300 dollar diff. so what would u guys use just to hang out on and do some jumping. thanxs alot -andy-