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  1. kawasakihondaguy

    For Sale

    2003 Honda CRF 450 $3500. When I bought this bike it was the best running bike I had ever had. But when summer came around it started to have problems. Every time I twist the throttle to fast or to much it bogs and shuts off until I release the throttle. I also have a 2002 kawasaki KX250 and a 1993 KDX200 for sale. Never had any problems with these ever.
  2. kawasakihondaguy

    For Sale

    1993 Kawasaki KDX200 and a 2002 KX 250. Both have been the most dependable bikes I have ever had the KDX runs no matter what happens to it. It was my first bike so u can probable think what it has been through. the KX 250 runs greatI have never had any problems with it I had used it to race arena cross for one season changing the piston and rings twice. It didnt need it but I believe that u lose power from blow by in 2 strokes easy after wearing rings and piston. The KDX 200 is $1000 and the KX is $2500. Both have been extremely well mechanically taken care of.
  3. kawasakihondaguy

    Spark Arrestor

    Fmf Q
  4. kawasakihondaguy

    Help me pick a new exhaust for my 450x

    the FmF Q is a very good pipe if you want it to be quiet and still have performance but for the most raw power, but not very quiet I would recomend the BIG GUN exhaust systems. It is the largest pipe you can buy and give u the best performance. that is why i ordered one for my bike. But if you want a quiet exhaust the FmF Q is by far the best mixing performance with silence.
  5. kawasakihondaguy

    confused, help much apriciated

    the 450 is a great bike for no matter what you want to do with it it has low end power when you need it and it has plenty of topend when you need it to. I would recomend the R over the X tho because of price difference
  6. kawasakihondaguy

    Decisions Decisions!

    i am definitley more of a honda guy but the crf 250 has clutch problems. their clutches wear out easily if you power shift. Over any bike tho I would recomend the 2005 or 06 KXF250 I have riddin all of these bikes and by far the kxf250 is the best. It has the most power best suspension, and overall everything. If I ever bought a 250f it would be it. But I currently have a honda CRF450 and a kawasaki KX250 and if you dont want to make to much of a power drop go to the kxf250. I do not have anything against any of these brands of bikes I have had all the big brands and found that the kawasaki's are by far the most dependable. Just give it a try. Or you could just go to a 250 2 stroke and for that I would recomend kawasaki or yamaha due to the other companies invest all their money into the four strokes.
  7. kawasakihondaguy


    what kind of riding will you be doing. this will make a big difference on how you would want to set your suspension up. My recomendation for the best companies for suspension are pro-action or PR2 suspension companies. But you could also find a more local suspension company by looking online. Just call them tell them what kind of riding you will be doing if it is trail riding only I would definitley recomend 3 stage valving(not all companies offer this) if it is motocross only than you want 2 stage valving if a mix of both use 3 stage. for a more detailed look at this you can go to www.pro-action.com
  8. kawasakihondaguy

    05 yz250F problem

    what octane rating are you running in your bike generally in the new four strokes you need to run higher octane ratings. Also do you have an after market exhaust. If you do generally if you do not upgrade your jetting with the exhaust you will have this problem. Try going one size up in your main jet.
  9. kawasakihondaguy

    YZ250F will only start with hot start

    get ur bike started leave it running or ride it until it warms up adjust your air screw until the bike idles the smoothest if it does not want to idle turn your idle up. If adjusting the air screw does not work than you need to change your pilot jet(slow jet) depending on your elevation you may want to go one size jet up or one size jet down. Just so you know on a four stroke the air screw is different than typical carburators you turn thr air screw clockwise to lean the air/fuel mixture and turn it counter clock wise to richen the air/fuel mixture. If your problems go beyond this try to contact the thumpertalk.com jetting expert and he maybe able to help you he has helped me with my questions.
  10. kawasakihondaguy

    2003 CRF450R please help

    i dont want to ride something really slow that breaks all the time tho
  11. kawasakihondaguy

    why not gas?

    i've used gas for years and it works fine i doesnt hurt anything to my knowledge. If you dont like using it tho try switching to no-toil filter treatment kit. It cleans better than anything i have ever seen but u have to use the whole kit. its oil and cleaner for it to work. But gas doesnt hurt anything on your filter it just hurts the enviornment thats why i switched to no toil
  12. Mix the race gas half and half withe pump gas. I know how u feel i went through the same thing but the bike requires to not ping about an octane rating of 98. Not using the correct octane wears heavily at your rings
  13. kawasakihondaguy

    CR85 jetting, pining sound

    Lucas sells an octane booster made for dirtbikes that does not hurt anything on the motor because in usual dirtbike manuals it tells u not to use octane boost additive but lucas is designed to work for mx bikes. give it a try it is still cheaper than buying race gas. That does sound like an octane deficency
  14. kawasakihondaguy

    Changing fork seals on CRF450

    go to www.pro-action.com they give you step by step instructions on how to do alot of things for suspension and replacing parts otherwise go into google.com and type in something like fork seal replacement instructions
  15. kawasakihondaguy

    05 CRF450...possible tensioner noise???

    did u take the proper time to break the motor inbecause if you were reving it to high you could have worn inside engine parts from not allowing the to line up correctly