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  1. that's pretty cool im amazed how fast they go through those woods with trees just a few feet from the bars. Hope I'll be able to try it one day
  2. lucky i wish i got one nice as that
  3. mmk thanks yea I wasn't quite sure which one would be a good start so a 125 2 stroke? do you think I could fit on a 250 thumper. Thanks for the help
  4. what bike is that? I'm curious cuz I'm lookin for a bike for my 1st year and I'm about 5'9" and 125 pounds...PM me with the response please thanks
  5. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Make sure you tell your friend that he could of died in anything. It was just God's time to take him to somewhere better.
  6. Ahh dang that sux
  7. Sweet yea I think I'm goin to buy a pinger for my first bike less maintenance and other stuff. then go to a
  8. I live in Friendswood to Supa I sent ya a pm cuz I think I might know you. If I do I've talked to you in my classes about dirt bikes. So where are some moto tracks around friendswood I know there's one near Ultimate Pb of Texas. Not sure of any others
  9. I was wondering if spectators are allowed at the event. I'm very interested in dirt bikes and saving up for one right now but I'm not sure if I will like it (only time I've ridden one was at a ranch and I had fun) so just wondering. Thx
  10. Godspeed. I'm sure many people though they hate to go on these forums they do just to remind themselves there is Someone higher up. Don't blame it on dirt biking either it could of been anything. That was just God's time for her to join Him.
  11. Ahh man I wish I had seen it I had been in Copper Mountain there for a week or so pretty sweet place
  12. wow that was scary
  13. Hey you live in Texas too. What part of Texas? I'm the Houston area.
  14. This post applies to me also I'm 5'8'' and growing (I'm 13) weigh around 120. I plan on doing some racing once I get better at riding. So I'd think I'd do a 250f but I'd have to buy a used because I'd still have to get gear and I don't have close to enough money yet. So any suggestions wil be appreciated
  15. Heck yea I would so ride like that so I coould be a giant scab